Company News More Info on the Upcoming Admin Panel Overhaul (+New Screenshots)!

Judging by the reactions that we have received from the first article highlighting the new features of the admin panel, we can see that you are as excited about the new interface as we are! We are really glad here, at the ResearchWritingCenter project that you are eager to use the new interface.

Believe me, its reveal is close. But for now, I’ve prepared some more teasers for you. These new screenshots disclose more info and options about the new functionality that the admin panel will have to offer.
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Priceless Writing Tips 5 Productivity Management Tools for Freelance Writers

Manage Your Productivity For any freelance writer, the time and the productivity management should become essentials for solid personal and career growth, but being good at those things is not always intuitive and easy for a lot of people.

You have to possess certain personal traits and characteristics to be always organized and on schedule with your tasks.

Now this shouldn’t sound as permission or an excuse for being late with your orders. Although there are not that a lot of users within our community, who are late on their assignments, there are numerous individuals, who make a habit out of it.

And that’s why I wanted to offer a couple simple solutions for your work. These solutions would not only help you meeting the deadlines, but are fun to use. And I’m sure that these solutions will even be useful for those of you, who are usually courteous with your freelance writing duties. Just because, these solutions should be able to free some time for your personal chores and hobbies.

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Company News The Long Awaited Social Update! Our Profiles in Social Networks

Our accounts in social networksHope you are all doing great! As promised, here are the newest updates on ResearchWritingCenter’s social media debut.
We now have web pages up and running on some of the most popular social networking sites. We are checking them almost daily, and updating them accordingly.

Here are some of the URLs to make your navigation painless:

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, so of course, we couldn’t ignore it :) . Our Facebook page will feature unique material as well as re-posts from our RWC blog, so you should definitely click on “like” button to keep up with our latest updates!

Click here to see our Facebook presence .

We’ll be posting some additional updates on our Twitter page, and adding some of the interesting offers from the available orders section to our tweet list. Click here to go to page on

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Priceless Writing Tips 5 Useful Tools for Your Freelance Writing Growth!

Tools that will help with your freelance writing You know that a myriad of elements are vital to remaining a successful freelance writer, and I never stop reminding you about them. Right up there, ranked after the ability to write swiftly, clearly, and creatively, are organization skills.

You may remember that I have highlighted this point in a number of articles previously.

What if you are hopelessly disorganized to begin with? What can you do other than re-make yourself entirely as a perfectly organized specimen? Well, fortunately, there is a wide array of software to help you organize your work better, and produce faster and more efficiently.

Some of these are web-based, and some of them are software packages, but all of them were designed to assist you, and you should definitely test them all.

Here are some of the options that I would recommend for your convenience.

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Company News State of the High Season

High season at the RWCHey you guys,

Are you now totally engulfed in the high season? Or maybe you are just starting to catch up with all of the new orders flooding the Available Orders section? If you can relate to the second, then you definitely need to catch up with the rest of the folk.

We are sure that you can find something that can quench your writing thirst, as well as your additional financial needs:)

We encourage you to request any of the available orders that you see, as long as you are sure, that you can make it work for the customer. You know what we are obsessed about at the RWC: deadline, word count, plagiarism and Twinkies! Sorry, Twinkies were just for me:)

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