Company News Latest Updates: Introducing New Payment Method and More! logotype Skrill (Moneybookers) Available for RWC Users

Yes, guys, it’s finally here – new additional payment method! Of course, you know I’m talking about Skrill, or as some may know it – Moneybookers!

We’ve receive a lot of requests for this payment method and, as promised earlier, we’re doing everything to make the best freelance writing community on the web! That’s why we kept our promise and made Skrill – part of RWC payment options.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Jobs: Exploring a Fascinating World of Opportunities

freelance jobsIf you’re up to taking one of those writing jobs, freelance is the best solution. Indeed, where else can you use all of your creativity and imagination? Online freelance jobs offer a pool of opportunities, so let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

Freelance Jobs Descriptions: Step into the World of Awesomeness!

“Well, okay, I got it. But where to find freelance writing jobs?” you might ask. Well, listen well, and you’ll hear opportunity knocking at your door! Meanwhile, check this list of jobs for freelance writers:

  1. Creative Journalist
  2. Write engaging and informative articles for journals and magazines!

  3. Wikipedia Editor
  4. If you have a lot to tell to the rest of the world – why don’t you edit the world’s most well-known online encyclopedia?

  5. Professional Copywriter
  6. Create unique texts on a variety of topics!

  7. Two in One: Writer and Editor
  8. Of all jobs freelance writing can offer, this is the most demanding and exciting one. Write texts and check if they make the right impression – feel like a real style expert and an author at the same time!

  9. Expert Blogger
  10. Believe me, for an online freelance writer, jobs like that are total bliss! What else can be more enticing than having a public to talk to and argue with?

  11. Technical Geek
  12. If you’re more into technical writing, freelance jobs you can choose are technical texts editor and developer. Write about the latest inventions!

  13. Movie Critic
  14. Out of all jobs in freelance writing, this is by far the coolest one. Let the good times roll – make movie critics green with envy!

  15. Critique Writer
  16. Quite similar to the previous type of job, this is one of the freelance jobs for writers, which allows you to express your own opinion.
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Company News Latest Updates: Changes to the Terms of Service logotype This week I wanted to tell you more about an update, which concerns every RWC user. Today we’ve updated our Terms of Service and made them available to every RWC user after the registration.

Earlier – you had the chance to review the ToS page only during the registration process.

From now on, the link to our ToS will be available from the footer of any page, right after you login to RWC.

Why is this important?

Because Terms of Service govern a lot of issues within the, such as: copyright issues, deadline observance, personal information management, etc.

We paid specific attention to:

  • copyright
  • plagiarism
  • quality assurance

The page also explains the potential consequences of violations and we strongly recommend you to read the Terms of Service carefully. Possible disputes may potentially be settled using ToS as guidelines, so it’s important for you to learn them well.

In a week from now, on the 3rd of May you will have to mandatory accept the new Terms of Service, otherwise, your access to some of the website features will be blocked (you will not be able to properly work within RWC).

Don’t worry – the window with the new ToS will pop up automatically, so you will have to just read (unless you haven’t done that yet) and accept them. We suggest you to read these Terms beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts.

Thank you for staying with the

Truly Yours
RWC staff

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Article Writing: What Kind of Freelance Writer You Are

freelance-article-writingIf someone decides to create a list of top 100 best professions, freelance article writing will definitely hit the top 5. One of the most fabulous professions ever, freelance article writing is the best solution for anyone who wants a creative job that pays well. So, let’s dive right into the secrets of writing articles as a freelancer!

But first… what is article writing, after all?

Article writing is the act of creating a body of text written for a specific purpose.

However, an article writing process involves a number of diverse activities. Are you ready to check what sort of freelance jobs you can handle?

Article Writing for Freelance Writers. What Sort of Writer Are You?
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Jobs: Taste the Joy of Feeling Truly Almighty

freelance-writing-jobsDid you hear the weather forecast? It said that the shower of wealth will start soon for all freelance writers. Would you like to join in?

What is freelance writing? – you might ask. Freelance writing isn’t just some online job!

Freelance writing is a part time job that involves creating unique texts according to given instructions.

And it has a lot to offer – just take a look at all the benefits you can get!

Freelance Writing Jobs: Find out the Truly Fantastic Advantages!

Unlike the rest of part time jobs, freelance includes creativity and demands inspiration, and this is why it offers:

  1. Flexibility.
  2. You work part-time and often distanced, which means you can shape your schedule the way you like it.

  3. Improvisation.
  4. You are more than welcome to use specific approaches and innovative means to make the texts captivating.

  5. High stakes.
  6. The challenges you face are big, but at the same time exciting – you’ll be delighted to solve all the puzzles you encounter!

  7. High wages.
  8. The hard work pays off well – freelance writers get sufficient payment for their work.

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