Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Real Writing Jobs: Writers, Beware of Scams and Frauds!

Real Writing JobsNowadays, writers can truly get paid for writing from home via the Internet. However, this is true only if they choose a reputable company to work for and avoid the traps of online scams and frauds, which now spring up all over the place. The good news is that, differentiating between real writing work offered online and a fraud scheme is possible and within your means. This article shares a proven recipe of successful investigation.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics How to Become an Author: 10 Simple Tips for Success

How to become an authorSo, you decided to become a writer. Great choice! However, did you know about the sacrificial altar of outstanding writers? Sleepless nights, missed football matches and concerts of favorite performers are frequently laid down there. If now you wonder whether there is life after your decision to become an author, the answer is definitely “yes”. Check out these top 10 simplest tips on how to be an author and still have a social life at the same time.

How to become an author of your dreams

Tip 1: Start by choosing the most appropriate option for you. For instance, you might become an academic writer or a copywriter. Choose also your favorite field of knowledge. Do not pretend that you are an expert in Biochemistry or any other complicated field if you are actually not.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Writers’ Market: Best Practices and Recommendations

Writers’ market“Writing services! Who wants writing services?” If this is how you imagine a writers’ marketplace, you are mistaken. Nobody screams out loud there. Still, the classical principles of supply and demand apply to a writers’ market just as they do to any market.

Writers’ market: an overview

Even though nobody screams out loud in this market, some writers’ profiles can speak louder than words. Though it can look like espionage, the investigation of your labor market can be truly helpful. Find a website with resumes of freelance writers and look through them. It will help you critically evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. These are the main aspects you might want to pay special attention to:
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics How to Write Clearly in Order to Be Read and Understood

how to writeAll people who write something want to be read. Whereas students may be almost certain that teachers will read their papers, freelance writers cannot be certain about their articles, novels, blogs, etc. This is a quick guide on how to write killer articles that will be read, understood and appreciated by modern sophisticated readers.

How to write so that you are read

The art of clearly expressing thoughts in writing is a rare talent. However, the art of writing something to leave readers with their mouths open is even rarer. Here are the main recommendations for writing something that will certainly attract avid readers:
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Make Money Writing Online and Become Free as the Wind

Make money writingDo you wonder if it is possible to earn money writing online? You see, the World Wide Web is like Wonderland, where nothing is impossible. If you want to become free as the wind and work from home, you should “follow the White Rabbit” and discover not magic, but simply working solutions only a few clicks away from you.

Make money writing and reinvent yourself

Today, there is nothing easier than becoming an online writer and working from home. Or, even working from different places, where you have a personal computer and internet connection. Only imagine working in the park, where the birds are singing and inspiring you. What about writing articles in a hotel room after visiting a carnival in Rio de Janeiro? Yes, thousands of people dream of writing for money and reinventing themselves, becoming happier and wealthier.

Make money writing – why not give yourself this chance?

How to become the lucky one? How to make money by writing online? You might start by registering on a website for online writers. Other important steps to take are:
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