Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Working from Home: 10 Changes of Routine for Brain Hygiene

working from homeThere is no doubt that the career of a freelance writer is rewarding, but it can also be quite demanding. Tons of information to remember, high standards to adhere to, tight deadlines to meet and spoiled customers to appease – all this can easily drive anyone crazy. Good for you, if all these hardships have not scared you away! Yet, you should consider the following rules of brain hygiene when working from home to avoid a possible breakdown and improve your outcomes at the same time:
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Work Doesn’t Have to Be Backbreaking Anymore!

freelance writing workFreelance writing work can be backbreaking in all senses of the word. It is not only about drying out your brain and ruining your nervous system by generating fresh ideas in a constant stream, having to continuously watch your grammar and meet the tightest deadlines. It is also about being pinned to your personal computer all day long and sitting at your desk, in an unnatural posture, for long hours.
Did you know that the lack of physical activity combined with long hours of computer use can have many serious health effects, from incessant back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, loss of vision, weight gain and even potential heart strokes or diabetes? Indeed, your chair can be comfortable, but deadly. It is high time to take action in the interest of your personal health! You should start exercising immediately!
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Priceless Writing Tips Creative Writing Ideas: Check the Most Exciting Topics Ever!

Creative writing ideasSometimes, academic writing can be rather monotonous. However, when you get tired of regular assignments, creative writing comes to the rescue – with original and fun tasks, the writing process becomes incredibly exciting.
The question is, what is creative writing?
Creative writing is the development of a narrative with a character arch and in a peculiar style.
And now, you’ll need some topics on creative writing. Take a look at the top 30 creative ideas for writing below!
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Technical Writing Jobs Are Delightful! Check a Quick How-To

Technical writing jobsDo you like explaining things to other people?
Are you interested to understand the mechanisms of various phenomena?
Then, you’re destined for one of the jobs in technical writing!
And you’re destined to have a technical writing career!!
No kidding, technical writing jobs are the most popular and by far the most interesting of all existing jobs in writing. Do you need some proof for that? Then check this:

  • For a technical writer, jobs in other areas of text writing become extremely easy;
  • In contrast to other jobs, technical writing requires constant, unceasing learning;
  • Unlike other jobs, freelance writing allows to work from home;
  • Of all jobs, writing and editing technical texts is the only one that allows you to focus on several issues at the same time.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Real Writing Jobs: Writers, Beware of Scams and Frauds!

Real Writing JobsNowadays, writers can truly get paid for writing from home via the Internet. However, this is true only if they choose a reputable company to work for and avoid the traps of online scams and frauds, which now spring up all over the place. The good news is that, differentiating between real writing work offered online and a fraud scheme is possible and within your means. This article shares a proven recipe of successful investigation.
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