Priceless Writing Tips 25 Most Energizing and Inspiring Pieces of Music for Writing

music for writingWhat do you think of music for writing? Some writers use it to block outside noises, while others need some music in the background simply to relax, enhance their imagination and let their writing flow. At the same time, there are writers who prefer absolute silence.
Tastes differ. Yet, here we’ve collected our favorite pieces of music, which worked best for us. What if they will boost your productivity and lift your spirits, too?

Music for Writing Articles and Essays

Articles and essays require unconventional thinking and creativity. Flashes of inspiration are not that often found in writers’ rooms, unless you listen to something that unlocks your brain:

  1. Enigma “Return to Innocence” – a reminder to be yourself!
  2. Gheorghe Zamfir “The Lonely Shepherd” or “The Sound of Silence
  3. Philip Glass “Metamorphosis
  4. Goldberg’s variations of Bach’s music
  5. Enya “Carribean Blue

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 10 Not Obvious Reasons Why Freelance Writing Can Be Addictive

freelance writingFreelance writing usually starts innocently enough. You think it’s only a job, like thousands of other jobs out there, until it starts to steal most of your awake time. It’s really cool to be passionate about what you’re doing. But are you sure that nothing went wrong and you aren’t becoming obsessed with writing?

Freelance Writing Addiction: Main Symptoms

Freelance writing can be addictive. Accept the fact that you are addicted, if you have any of the following symptoms:
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics How to Get Inspired: Surprising Benefits of a Scrap File

get inspiredWriting is very demanding. It takes much more than simply creating a new document and quickly pushing buttons on a keyboard to make some pretty text appear on your screen. Pushing buttons is actually no problem – but only if you know what to write or how to get inspired.
If you don’t know what to write, a scrap file jam-packed with amazing ideas will save you.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Scrap File

A scrap file is a collection of your wonderful but unused ideas. Do you mean you still don’t have one? C’mon, you need to create one right now, for at least 3 reasons:

  • to get inspired when you’re hit by the worst blocks and depressions;
  • to prevent your wonderful ideas from being lost forever;
  • to save your precious time on research.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 10 Refreshing Ideas for Writing Faster, Better and Easier

Ideas for Writing Let’s be honest: freelance writing sometimes gets insufferably dull. If the top classical recipes about being grateful and passionate don’t work for you, you may want to try something new.

And here’s what you can do. Check these 10 new ideas for writing, which may help you break your routines.

10 Fresh Ideas for Writing Awesome Papers

  1. Create a scrap file. Collect useful links, unused ideas, witty quotes and brilliant examples, all in one place. A scrap file can be your rocket fuel when you suffer from an unexpected writing crisis.
  2. Look through previous writing. Check your previous papers to see how well you can write and get the ideas rolling again. Sure, you can’t copy from your past papers. Yet, you can get inspired in no time.

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Priceless Writing Tips Top 3 Critical Reading Strategies for Thoughtful Writing

critical reading strategiesReading is the reverse side of writing. Just like yin and yang or like Internet Explorer and Windows, reading and writing are inseparable. By becoming better readers, we inevitably become better writers at the same time.
Interestingly, it’s never too late to improve our reading skills (and we don’t mean speed reading here). We mean becoming critical readers – reading between the lines and getting the most from any text.
Here are top 3 proven critical reading strategies which will assuredly help you become a better reader and writer.
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