Buzz on the Web 8 Best Free Writing Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Tools for writers Here goes the next portion of valuable apps that can make your writing easier and more effective. Bet, you’ll grab some apps from the following list of writing tools to your personal collection?

8 Writing Tools an Online Writer Can’t Go Without

The following tools for writers can help you a lot though they cost you nothing (or close to nothing):

  1. Wordcounter is great for not only counting the words, but also detecting the most frequently used or overused ones.
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Buzz on the Web Which Apps for Freelancers Are You Already Using?

200 We asked our community what software is making their lives easier. Of course, you can be already using some of the following apps for freelancers, but some of them can be valuable finds. Enjoy!

Apps for Freelancers: Data Storage

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Buzz on the Web Top 10 Freelance Writing Forums You Can Be Missing

Freelance Writing Forums Sometimes freelance writers can feel a bit lonely. Not only when they need professional advice or moral support, but also when they’re simply bored and want to share some jokes that only colleagues would get. That’s what all those writing forums are about. Enjoy this list of top resources that are really helpful.

10 Valuable Writing Forums

Some of them may require registration for full access:
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Buzz on the Web In Loving Memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Quotes

Gabriel Garcia Marquez With the death of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez in April 2014, this world has become a bit less magical. The author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Love in the Time of Cholera” was recognized the most outstanding figure in Spanish literature of the previous four centuries. His books taught us to love and to forgive.
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Buzz on the Web Do You Want to Double Your Online Reading Speed?

Would you like to read a 20 page article in 8 minutes or so? Me too.

Online Reading

Now there’s an app for that. It’s called Spritz. And the developers promise to double or even triple our online reading speed.
Hm… I was as skeptical about this promise as you now are when I first heard of it.
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