Priceless Writing Tips Chrome Web Apps for Freelance Writers

Chrome Store LogoI know that an increasing number of online users utilize the Google Chrome browser. I use it myself and find it more useful than Firefox, for a number of subjective reasons. :)

Therefore, this article is for those freelance writers who are using Chrome, or are planning to switch to it. I would definitely advise you to make that switch, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. Chrome also recently launched its web store, which includes online applications, extensions, themes and much more.

Please note! Some of these links will only work, if you are browsing through Google Chrome. The applications can only be installed through the Google Chrome.

I’m going to concentrate on those web apps which could become powerful tools for freelance writing professionals, or anyone who’s heavily into writing. Don’t worry – most of the apps in the store are free to use. I’m sure many of you will find them helpful!
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Priceless Writing Tips 5 Productivity Management Tools for Freelance Writers

Manage Your Productivity For any freelance writer, the time and the productivity management should become essentials for solid personal and career growth, but being good at those things is not always intuitive and easy for a lot of people.

You have to possess certain personal traits and characteristics to be always organized and on schedule with your tasks.

Now this shouldn’t sound as permission or an excuse for being late with your orders. Although there are not that a lot of users within our community, who are late on their assignments, there are numerous individuals, who make a habit out of it.

And that’s why I wanted to offer a couple simple solutions for your work. These solutions would not only help you meeting the deadlines, but are fun to use. And I’m sure that these solutions will even be useful for those of you, who are usually courteous with your freelance writing duties. Just because, these solutions should be able to free some time for your personal chores and hobbies.

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Priceless Writing Tips 5 Useful Tools for Your Freelance Writing Growth!

Tools that will help with your freelance writing You know that a myriad of elements are vital to remaining a successful freelance writer, and I never stop reminding you about them. Right up there, ranked after the ability to write swiftly, clearly, and creatively, are organization skills.

You may remember that I have highlighted this point in a number of articles previously.

What if you are hopelessly disorganized to begin with? What can you do other than re-make yourself entirely as a perfectly organized specimen? Well, fortunately, there is a wide array of software to help you organize your work better, and produce faster and more efficiently.

Some of these are web-based, and some of them are software packages, but all of them were designed to assist you, and you should definitely test them all.

Here are some of the options that I would recommend for your convenience.

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Priceless Writing Tips Getting More from Your Freelance Writing Career

ResearchWritingCenter Freelancing Career Growth We, at ResearchWritingCenter, realize perfectly well that many of you folks are registered with other freelance writing communities. We also know that some of you simply freelance independently when you don’t have orders with the RWC.

That is perfectly fine with us. Granted, the total volume of orders we receive every day is significant. However, for any specific niche, it can be difficult to keep writers in a specialized subject busy consistently. Thus, if you are a full-time freelance writer, it is vital to have your own clientele to be successful.

That is why you should have ways of attracting potential clients outside any freelance writing community. That includes outside

I’m going to introduce you to some of those.

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Priceless Writing Tips Preserving Your Health While Freelancing

Preserve Your Health as a Freelance WriterA lot of you folks spend way too much time in front of the computer, sitting on your posterior. We realize that this increases your productivity, but we also know that it can undermine your health. So, here are a couple of tips to help you to maintain your health while working on the computer.

There are a lot of studies on the net, demonstrating that while a person is working on a computer, their body utilizes more water than under other circumstances. Haven’t you felt thirsty while working intensely on one of our assignments?

So, be sure to keep yourself hydrated. A couple of cups of water or caffeine-free tea or tisanes per hour should be enough. To make certain that you are drinking enough, check that you are, to put it bluntly, generating through-put via that body system!

To deal with the potential problem of emissions from the computer screen, you can try putting a cactus next to your PC monitor, although its effectiveness as emissions absorber is not scientifically proven. Why not, after all, add a touch of the natural environment to your surroundings!

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