Priceless Writing Tips How to Avoid Clichés: The Ultimate Problem-Solver for Writers!

How to avoid clichésIs that another essay you have to write? Well, you’re quite a copious writer, I tell you. Now let’s see what you’ve got there… Oops. Sorry, champ, your paper needs a health check – it looks like it’s infested with commonplace ideas. To understand how to avoid clichés, learn some of the most terrible clichés ever and stay away from them.

How to Avoid Clichés: Fifteen Unbelievably Hackneyed Stock Ideas

Check these common clichés:

  1. “Out of the frying pan into the fire.”
  2. Avoid most of the set phrases – they have worn out their welcome already.

  3. “Since the dawn of time…”
  4. Metaphors are great void-fillers, but you need to be original, so get rid of them ASAP.

  5. “I think that…”
  6. Okay, that’s downright immature. Students raise their hands and say quietly, “I think that,” while real writers believe that, are certain that, realize fully that, argue that, etc.
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Priceless Writing Tips What Can Steve Jobs Teach You about Freelance Writing?

freelance writingSteve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., is a legend of our times and a revolutionary in the computer world. The hysteria surrounding Apple products is unbelievable. Did you know that people queue in front of Apple stores at night to be the first ones to buy new gadgets in the morning?
Steve Jobs, however, always said that the secret of his success was pretty simple. Be madly passionate about what you’re doing, think outside the box and have enough courage to put even the craziest ideas in practice. That’s it. It works with any job you are doing. Why not use his lessons for freelance writing?
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Priceless Writing Tips Top 4 Proven Tactics to Start Writing and Kick-Up Inspiration

start writingSometimes, you can get a sense of triumph when you only start writing. And you may have good reasons for it. The first sentence is only a drop in the sea, but it means a lot to you. First of all, it means that you have overcome the first barriers on your way:

  • blocked your procrastination artery;
  • dug out necessary writing resources;
  • kicked up inspiration.

(Round of applause behind the scenes.)
However, a bit of warning, for what it can be worth! Sometimes you might also spend ages just waiting for inspiration, or the Muse, or an apple falling on your head – anything in fact, that would help you start writing. Unluckily, your tight deadlines do not allow waiting for such miracles (which can sometimes occur, nevertheless). This is why, here are some guaranteed ways to help you start working on your papers early and kick up your inspiration.
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Priceless Writing Tips Creative Writing Ideas: Check the Most Exciting Topics Ever!

Creative writing ideasSometimes, academic writing can be rather monotonous. However, when you get tired of regular assignments, creative writing comes to the rescue – with original and fun tasks, the writing process becomes incredibly exciting.
The question is, what is creative writing?
Creative writing is the development of a narrative with a character arch and in a peculiar style.
And now, you’ll need some topics on creative writing. Take a look at the top 30 creative ideas for writing below!
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Priceless Writing Tips 5 Things Freelance Writers Should Avoid in Their Papers!

5 things freelance writers should avoidOver years of working with the freelance writer as a species, I have realized that some issues haunt them, irrespective of their qualifications and experience. This article is thus aimed at shedding light on basic missteps that writers keep making.
So I advise you to get acquainted with it carefully – chances are that you will be able to relate to some of these.
Please note, that the article is pretty extensive, so you might want to try reading it in a couple of sittings, for better comprehension :)
Introduction vs. Conclusion
We all know that a formal expository paper’s conclusion should reflect the introduction, with minor changes and tweaks. Of course, that is the correct way to handle it in most cases; the conclusion demonstrates that the goal of the paper was successfully met, and the thesis was fully supported. However, some freelance writers don’t even bother to alter the sentences in their conclusion. For example, in the introduction, they might state: Read the rest of this entry »