Priceless Writing Tips 5 Simple Grammar Tips You Can Start Using Right Now

Grammar Tips What if one day there will be Grammar Judgment Day? All of our sins against grammar would be weighed up against the pages of impeccable writing. Scary, isn’t it? I’m curious only if misprints and lingo text messages would count then.

Joking apart, improving grammar is a never-ending quest for all writers. And here are 5 quick grammar tips you can start using right now to succeed in that quest:
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Priceless Writing Tips Essay Formatting Writer’s Edition: Quick and Dirty Tips

Essay Formatting Unless you are an X-ray machine, you will never notice the rich inner world of someone at the first sight. The same goes for clients who see your papers for the first time. Essay formatting means everything to them and makes all the difference. What if we tell you that you could improve your essays with only a few small touches?
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Priceless Writing Tips How to Get Jaw-Dropping Ideas for Essays in No Time

Ideas for Essays Surely, we could compile another list of original ideas for essays, all witty, fresh and compelling. But this time we’ve got for you something even better than ready-made topics. Here are the mechanisms that can boost your own creativity so much that you’ll be able to generate even more outstanding ideas than you need, in no time.

Master the Basics of Creativity

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Priceless Writing Tips 25 Most Energizing and Inspiring Pieces of Music for Writing

music for writingWhat do you think of music for writing? Some writers use it to block outside noises, while others need some music in the background simply to relax, enhance their imagination and let their writing flow. At the same time, there are writers who prefer absolute silence.
Tastes differ. Yet, here we’ve collected our favorite pieces of music, which worked best for us. What if they will boost your productivity and lift your spirits, too?

Music for Writing Articles and Essays

Articles and essays require unconventional thinking and creativity. Flashes of inspiration are not that often found in writers’ rooms, unless you listen to something that unlocks your brain:

  1. Enigma “Return to Innocence” – a reminder to be yourself!
  2. Gheorghe Zamfir “The Lonely Shepherd” or “The Sound of Silence
  3. Philip Glass “Metamorphosis
  4. Goldberg’s variations of Bach’s music
  5. Enya “Carribean Blue

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Priceless Writing Tips Top 3 Critical Reading Strategies for Thoughtful Writing

critical reading strategiesReading is the reverse side of writing. Just like yin and yang or like Internet Explorer and Windows, reading and writing are inseparable. By becoming better readers, we inevitably become better writers at the same time.
Interestingly, it’s never too late to improve our reading skills (and we don’t mean speed reading here). We mean becoming critical readers – reading between the lines and getting the most from any text.
Here are top 3 proven critical reading strategies which will assuredly help you become a better reader and writer.
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