Priceless Writing Tips 5 Useless Writing Tips Doing More Harm than Good

Writing Tips“Those who can do, and those who can’t teach.” (Bernard Shaw)

When you pick up writing as a career, you get bombarded with all kinds of writing tips. Of course, willing to become a better writer, you may want to follow at least some of them. However, as you’ve probably noticed some of those tips are almost useless or even have the reverse effect.
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Priceless Writing Tips 3 Differences Between End Notes and Foot Notes in a Nutshell

End Notes Even if it’s your first time with end notes or foot notes, you already know what’s meant. In your life, you probably already saw something like this when you read some of your favorite books or an article on Wikipedia. Do you remember your eyes were searching for the clarification of some unclear words or even translation of foreign terms? Those clarifications at the bottom of the page were foot notes, whereas the clarifications at the end of the publication are end notes.
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Priceless Writing Tips Here’s How to Easily Deal with Major Essay Types

Essay Types

Why bother about different essay types? After all, the topic is much more important that that. Right? Well, not exactly.

Every essay type has its peculiarities and following those requirements, you’ll have much better chances for success. Different kinds of essays were invented to make your texts stronger and your work easier.
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Priceless Writing Tips Improve Your Writing Style with This One Weird Tip

Writing Style The room is half-dark, and the time stands still. Your fingers are rhythmically typing something smart and interesting. You don’t even need to control it – your fingers already know what and how to type. You’re on autopilot…

If only writing could be like that. In this reality, however, good writing requires sweat, blood and tears… Fortunately. Because that’s why we’ll be always employed. Good writing skills are precious;)

One weird tip we offer to add even more points to your qualification is to delete one word from all your papers. It’s the word ‘very’. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s a sign of lazy writing. It’s one of the most useless words in the English language.
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Priceless Writing Tips 4 New Writing Techniques: Become a Better Writer Today!

Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” However, keeping things simple is not easy at all when it comes to freelance writing. That’s why I dug through the web, searching for the latest scientific findings which might help. Here’s what I’ve found – these 4 innovative writing techniques:

Make It Faster – Use Bright Fonts and Backgrounds

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