Contests and Promotions from, Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Time Management Tools for Freelance Writers (Contest Finalist Submission)

Writing Contest from RWCYou may be good at time management, but not good enough!

Quite often, you still find difficulties in beating certain crucial deadlines, or worse of all, failing to beat the deadlines. As a result of this, your overall performance and productivity are lowered, your job reputation skewed, and your freelance career is at stake.

Generally, life becomes so hectic and stressful. If this trend is not contravened, you are surely bound to hit a dead end.

Listen friend, being a professional freelance writer that you are, you don’t have to go through this mess. Acquaint yourself with some of the best known time management tools.
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Contests and Promotions from Research & Writing Contest – Announcing the Winners!

Essay Contest from RWCHey, everyone!

We, at the, are so excited, because we can finally announce the contest winners for our Research & Writing Contest!

It’s been a pretty challenging contest, with tons of great submissions!

The freelancers, who offered us their work, proved to have extensive freelancing experience, which was reflected in their essays!

Some of them were off-topic, and we couldn’t let them through, but it’s worth mentioning that those essays were also great!

We can finally announce 5 contest winners (we will only include their first names, in order to maintain privacy): Read the rest of this entry »

Contests and Promotions from All NEW Research & Writing Contest from RWC is HERE!

New Writing Contest from RWCHey, people! The new writing contest from the RWC is here! This time we offer more money, more prizes and an additional chance to score a job with the as a guest blogger for our site!

And this offers even more benefits! But watch out as the assignments are going to be more complex than the previous time, and we expect even more elaborate writing from you, guys!

We encourage you to READ the INSTRUCTIONS carefully, because we are going to ban any submissions, which will fail to correspond to our requirements!

The contest will last for a month, just as the previous one, and we decided to keep the scheme just as it was – we choose the finalists and you vote for the finalists! Read the rest of this entry »

Contests and Promotions from RWC Photo Contest: Great Pictures, Great Freelancers, Great Memories!

Winning PhotoAs you probably already know – we have a winner for our first Photo Contest from RWC! We congratulate the winner – Mikka Jillian Sy! You are eligible for the main contest prize of $500! There was a lot of competition and the votes were pretty much tied for a certain period of time!
But in the end you managed to attract the most significant number of voters and win the contest! :)
We weren’t sure about the winner up until the last couple of hours of the voting period, it was quite intense and we found it interesting to watch how submissions race each other, receiving more and more votes:)
As for the rest of you, guys, you can see the winning submission on the top! We find it pretty symbolic, because for a lot of people, freelance writing is just another occupation, mostly part-time. That’s why, there isn’t that much room for it in peoples’ lives and that can be said for desks of these people: freelancing workshops don’t take that much space there too.
But there were so many great contest submissions, which also deserve to be mentioned! So we wanted to commemorate this blog post to our favorite submissions for our photo contest. Read the rest of this entry »

Contests and Promotions from The Submission Period for the Photo Contest is Over! Cast Your Votes!

RWC Photo ContestHey, guys! The submission period for our photo contest is over and now you have a chance to vote for the submission, that you think is the best!
We have received about a dozen of legitimate submissions, and each one of the photos represents a workspace of a true freelance writer!
If you haven’t had the chance to make a submission to participate, you have a chance to affect the destiny of the contestants! Only one of them will receive the contest prize of $500, so it’s all up to you now!
You can find the contest here, on our Facebook page – just hit the “Vote Now” button and browse through the available submissions.
Note, that not all of the submissions are available at the page: you have to click “See All Entries” button in order to view all of the great pictures, we’ve received.
We wanted to highlight one of the submissions, that really stands out – you can see it right here, on the left! :) So the whole RWC staff wanted to say special “Thanks” to Christophilus Van Bouwel for his awesome, hand-made submission! We wish you and all of the contest participants GOOD LUCK with the votes! :)