Company News State of the High Season

High season at the RWCHey you guys,

Are you now totally engulfed in the high season? Or maybe you are just starting to catch up with all of the new orders flooding the Available Orders section? If you can relate to the second, then you definitely need to catch up with the rest of the folk.

We are sure that you can find something that can quench your writing thirst, as well as your additional financial needs:)

We encourage you to request any of the available orders that you see, as long as you are sure, that you can make it work for the customer. You know what we are obsessed about at the RWC: deadline, word count, plagiarism and Twinkies! Sorry, Twinkies were just for me:)

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Company News The High Season Is Already In Our Front Door!

RWC High Ordering SeasonFinally, guys, the season kicked in! How do we know?

Because the number of available orders is increasing all the time, with more customers pouring in. And that provides you with more opportunities, more jobs and more benefits.

A lot of you complained about the fact that there are not enough jobs to quench your writing appetite!

Now you have the chance to take more orders with the RWC, and this is especially important for the new writers. As a rookie you might have had problems with getting an order.

Most of the orders were taken by the users with higher statuses allowing them to take up assignments all by themselves.

But that’s history right now. Feel free to request any order within the available orders section. Our team will do everything possible to facilitate an easy assign process, in order to save your working hours.

All you need to do is send a message on the order, addressing it to the Support team. Add a note informing that you can complete the order by the deadline and of corresponding quality and you’re all set!

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Company News Admin Panel – New Insider Info About the Update Revealed (+Screenshots)! Dear RWC users, I’ve previously informed you on the update that we are preparing for your admin panel within the RWC.

It is getting closer to its final stage, and our IT Dpt. is doing a gigantic amount of work to bring this new user interface to you as soon as possible.

So I’m offering you some inside scoop on how things will work within the new system. At first, I would like to stress the fact that it is really important for the company to make the transition to the new system as least “painful” as possible for the users that have adjusted to the old way they have interacted with the RWC.

That is why the first thing to know for you is that while we will be launching the new interface, the old one that you have used will still be available for an extended period of time. You will be able to switch anytime.

If you are using Twitter and were able to see how it recently presented new experience for the users while having the old interface on – then you’ll get the idea.

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Company News Top Writers List: All Time Favorites

all-time favoritesWe wanted to thank you guys for your remarkable work and performance. A lot of you show dedication and professional integrity all the time, making our cooperate work a real pleasure.

We could not let this pass by unseen. So the following list is a compilation of the best employees within our project. We sincerely hope that your ID will be on the list.

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Company News READ THIS, PLEASE! New Payment Methods!

Adding New Payment Methods for RWCDear users, we want your payment experience to be as simple and worry-free as possible. needs your assistance to accomplish this goal! Now, you can share your suggestions for the best methods of payment. We will be carefully considering your ideas as we install a new funds transfer system.

We do pay attention to complaints about our current payment methods! We constantly work to improve all our business practices, and the transfer of funds is no exception. Now, we want you to help to us revamp how we pay you. You can submit suggestions and feedback to:

Our Billing Department will review every suggestion. We will combine this information with our careful research into current payment options. Your proposals will be thoroughly examined.

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