Company News The Latest Updates: They’re Finally Here logotype As you remember, last week I told you about some of the new updates available for you, guys. If you haven’t had the chance to find out more about them, be sure to check out the previous article on our blog.

I can now gladly announce, that these updates are already available in the system – you can easily access the new Fine Schedule, FAQ and the updated Info Menu.

If you have any additional questions – feel free to contact our Support Team for more details.

We would love to know what you think about these updates: leave your comments! You have to keep in mind that the changes in the Info Menu will be visible to all of the writers: new and old, so the updates hold more value than you might initially think. They will help the new users to get acquainted with how RWC works.

These updates will also offer a more transparent and understandable process for all of our users.

We wanted to thank you all, guys, for the work that you’re doing, which is moving RWC forward to make it the best freelance writing community on the web.

Truly Yours
RWC staff

Company News Latest Updates: More Flexible Fine Schedule, More Usability logotype As you know, we constantly work to make — the best freelance writing community on the web.

I haven’t spoiled you with some fresh updates in a while, so let’s take a closer look at what’s coming up within the next couple of weeks!

Flexible Fine Schedule

We know that being a freelance writer is quite challenging. And it’s especially dissatisfying to be fined for your work and receive less than the amount you originally signed up for. We understand this and that’s why we’re trying to balance the bonuses and penalties, which are active within our system.

One of these steps will be taken within the next couple of weeks. By the end of the month you can expect some of the internal fines/bonuses to be updated (expect a note from us through the Messaging system when that happens). Read the rest of this entry »

Company News Latest Updates: February, PART 2 logotype As you know, guys, we are constantly trying to keep you updated on the staff, that we do within the project to make your life easier.

Some of these changes are major, and might affect the whole process of your work. But a lot of them are quite small and might not be noticeable, but they’re nevertheless – important. After all, perfection is in details.

That’s why we are trying to specifically highlight them for you. This helps you to get acquainted with these updates in order to start utilizing them as soon as possible. This time I’m telling you about a couple of small twitches to user interface, which should sort out confusion among writers and add more usability to the order request procedures.

These updates are active as of today, so you’re welcome to check them out by yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

Company News Latest Updates: New Tutorials for Citation Styles logotype As anyone, who has ever written an academic paper, you probably know that the citation styles are quite important for the outcome of the paper.

A lot of institutions formalize this form of academic expression to an almost military extent – carelessness with the rules of a specific citation style is similar to being a deserter during war time! And a lot of people suffer the consequences of this type of attitude.

For all of our clients citations styles and adherence to them is vital.

That’s why we provide details for specific citation styles on our Format Requirements page, to keep us all on the same page, when it comes to dealing with citations. It contains links to major resources, which are extremely helpful for learning the peculiarities of each one of the available citation styles. Read the rest of this entry »

Company News Latest Updates: January 2012 logotype Hello, guys! We hope that your winter holidays were great and that you have returned invigorated and prepared for all of the upcoming orders that we’ll have to offer you!

In the meantime, our team keeps working to make your user experience even more comfortable and memorable.

That’s why, after taking a brief break, our specialists continue to develop new features and options for our admin panel. And I’m here to tell you about them. And a couple of screen shots to get you all excited about the updates:)

Order Verification Update

Some of you have probably already noticed that we implemented some changes to our order verification process. The element that specifically concerns you is our messaging system. We are modifying the order verification procedures to allow more transparency. Read the rest of this entry »