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Company News State of the High Season: 2013 Edition

It’s been a while, guys! We hope that you’re all doing great. We are back with our “State of the High Season” posts (which weren’t THAT frequent, by the way).

A couple of friendly tips for all of our writers, who want to get the maximum out of the high season, while it lasts:

- don’t be afraid to ask: if you find an order, which you’re interested in, but you’re not sure about the deadline or the current price per page – get back to our Support Team. Simply message them or join a Live Chat session. They are flexible, when it comes to price suggestions and deadline extensions.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to request a higher price or a better deadline – all of these terms are NEGOTIABLE.

It’s a win-win situation, as you help us get the job done and we give more in return for your work. Keep your requests coming!

- have a good friend, who’s also proficient in writing? As the demand is growing, we’re looking for more writers in various fields of study. You can help a friend, by offering him a great source of income.

- keep in mind that the high season will soon be coming to an end, so the more quality work is done by you the better: you have more chances of gaining a new status, and we’re not even talking about financial benefits, which are pretty obvious here.

Good luck with all of your orders!

Truly Yours
RWC Team

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Blast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (October-November 2010)

RWC Logotype Hey, guys! We continue our “Blast fro the Past” article series.

If you have missed the second part, you can check it out right here.

We are still working on some new implementations for you, preparing for the high season, so we haven’t had the chance to compose new articles for you. That’s why in an effort to reintroduce new users to our blog, we are posting our previous entries published on our blog more than 6 months ago. Those articles contain a lot of useful freelance writing tips, which are universal and will never get old.

So here we go – another 3 great articles posted on our blog last year Read the rest of this entry »

Company News State of the High Season: Grab Your Writing Gig!

High SeasonDear freelancers, the high season is back and offers you so many writing opportunities, as never before! You like ‘em small and piece of cake? You like ‘em big with a substantial reward?
We’ve got it all! So many great writing gigs await you: just go to the Available Orders section and start your search for your perfect writing job!
You know that we are generous this time of the year. So if you want an increased price per page or an extended deadline – the staff is able to negotiate on practically all of the available orders! We understand how deadline and pricing variables are important for you, so just go ahead and ask!
You might want to go through a number of orders and contact the support on each one of them about the possible benefits! The more orders you negotiate – the more the chances are that you are going to receive a great deal from! Read the rest of this entry »

Company News State of the High Season

High season at the RWCHey you guys,

Are you now totally engulfed in the high season? Or maybe you are just starting to catch up with all of the new orders flooding the Available Orders section? If you can relate to the second, then you definitely need to catch up with the rest of the folk.

We are sure that you can find something that can quench your writing thirst, as well as your additional financial needs:)

We encourage you to request any of the available orders that you see, as long as you are sure, that you can make it work for the customer. You know what we are obsessed about at the RWC: deadline, word count, plagiarism and Twinkies! Sorry, Twinkies were just for me:)

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Seasonal Update for Freelance Writers

Freelance Wriitng Updates from RWCAs the “high season” is coming up, the Quality Assurance Department has voiced a number of concerns regarding the way some of our freelancers handle business.

They appreciated the fact that, in a previous article, I highlighted their concerns about how writers conduct their communications. Just consider this article a follow-up, to get you ready and “in shape” for the upcoming high-season “ordering madness”.

A major concern for the QA folks is that many writers who have experienced a high season now consider themselves fully prepared to take on more orders than usual. So do many new writers – they see a plethora of available orders pouring in faster than they can apply or complete them!

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