Priceless Writing TipsHere’s How to Improve Your Writing Using Synonyms

Improve Your Writing There many ways to improve your writing. You may want to add interesting quotes, find striking stats or improve sentence structures. However, using synonyms is one of the best ways to make your papers better.

3 Ways Synonyms Are Good for Writing

If you’re wondering why you should consider synonyms, here are top 3 reasons to search for the equivalents of different words:

  • Synonyms convey the different shades of meaning (compare ‘say’ – ‘stutter’, ‘roar’ or ‘scream’.)
  • Make your writing more interesting.
  • Paraphrase like a boss avoiding repetitions whenever it’s necessary.

Top Online Dictionaries of Synonyms

Of course, to improve your writing, you can choose the ‘Synonyms’ option by clicking on a word with the right button of your mouse. Or, you can use any of the following online dictionaries:


Synonyms of the Most Common Words in Academic Writing

Here are some of the most common synonyms that might come in handy for anyone who is into academic writing:

Amazing Incredible, unbelievable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic.
Answer Reply, respond, acknowledge.
Bad Evil, wicked, corrupt, sinful, rotten, harmful, defective, inferior.
Come Approach, arrive, reach.
Cry Shout, yell, roar, weep, sob.
Describe Portray, narrate, represent, record, report.
Do Execute, conclude, effect, achieve.
Explain Clarify, justify, account for.
Fast Quick, rapid, hasty, like a flash.
Get Acquire, obtain, secure, accept.
Idea Though, opinion, belief.
Place Space, area, spot.
Scared Afraid, frightened, horrified.
Stop Pause, discontinue, end, finish, quit.
Tell Disclose, release, narrate, inform, declare, repeat.
True Accurate, right, proper, exact, genuine, sincere.
Ugly Shocking, horrible, unpleasant.

So, whenever you decide to spice up or improve your writing, look for some synonyms. Word options, online dictionaries or even your own language skills are just right for it.

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