Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity You Didn’t Know Before

Boost Your Creativity Creativity is the key to success in anything you’re doing. Even if you’re not a fiction writer, creative thinking will help you find the best ways to cope with the most complex tasks in minimum time and effort. That’s why the following little-known ways to boost creativity can be of much interest to you.

Simple Recipe for Boosting Creativity

  1. Turn off the light. Have you got stuck at a certain point of your project? Turn off the light. Yes, you’ve got it right. A recent study has revealed that darkness or even dim illumination can boost creativity.
  2. Make a box for yourself. We all know that creativity is often defined as ‘thinking outside the box’. But wait, doesn’t it mean that we need to get that box first? When you’re staring at a blank page and do not know how to start, write at least something. This starting point, ‘the box’, makes it easier to continue. It’s possible that you’ll even delete this first sentence later, but the first step is absolutely necessary.
  3. Talk to a friend. Unless it’s a trade secret, discuss your work issues with a friend or a relative. Even if they don’t fully understand you, you may get inspired while talking the problem out.
  4. Day dream. It’s a proven fact that your brain is more likely to generate some good ideas when it’s wandering. It means that zoning out for a while can help you a lot.
  5. Write by hand. Even though you probably need to complete your project in Microsoft Word, taking a pen and a fresh notebook instead can be rather inspiring.

Stop Killing Your Creativity

In contrast to creativity boosting tips from the previous section, the following things can kill your creative thinking. Beware:

  • watching TV
  • criticizing yourself
  • being too sensitive to criticism
  • exhausting yourself.

What do you usually do when you want to awaken your creative thinking?

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