Buzz on the WebWhich Apps for Freelancers Are You Already Using?

200 We asked our community what software is making their lives easier. Of course, you can be already using some of the following apps for freelancers, but some of them can be valuable finds. Enjoy!

Apps for Freelancers: Data Storage

Data overload is one of the biggest problems most freelancers face. All those ebooks, manuals, your own projects and of course your personal photos can be a heavy burden for your laptop. Moreover, you’d better have a backup copy of your materials to be on the safe side. That’s what the following online disks and storages are here for:

  1. Dropbox gives you 2 GB free storage. If you want to, you may even share some of your folders with someone for effective cooperation.
  2. iDrive is a perfect tool for online backup. It gives you up to 5 GB of free online storage.
  3. SkyDrive is another free online storage. Unfortunately, it’s compatible with Windows 7 only, but its advantages are amazing. By storing your documents online, you’ll forget how it feels to lose a document due to unpredictable technical issues. It will become a thing of the past.

Apps for Freelancers: Technical Issues

  1. VLC media player is amazing because it can play nearly anything you want. Even corrupted, half downloaded or exotic format files can be viewed in this weirdly designed player.
  2. Mendeley is great for creating and managing your own digital library. You can read, annotate and store all kinds of files, and PDF is only one of them. By the way, you may love its features of generating citations and bibliography.
  3. Rainmeter is a free desktop customization tool. Of course, your computer is not only about work. With this app, you can make your desktop anything you want it to be. It can show you the weather or the views from your favorite movie. It’s up to you to choose your original design to boost your personal productivity.

So, these were the most popular apps for freelancers recommended by some of our employees who kindly agreed to share their experience.

Would you add something to this list? We’d be grateful if you did.

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