Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics5 Easy Exercises to Improve Concentration at Work

Improve Concentration Your success and satisfaction with what you’re doing to a significant extent depend upon your ability to concentrate. Recent studies have revealed that by focusing on a single task, you become 4 times more effective than multitasking.

Resisting all kinds of distractions of modern world is rather hard. And here are a couple of exercises that can help you improve concentration.

Exercise 1: Concentrate for 2 Minutes

Take a watch with a second’s hand.

Relax for a couple of minutes and focus on how the hand is moving. For two minutes, concentrate on the movement of the hand as if there were nothing except of it in the world. Try to focus your attention for at least two minutes. Attention is your most important muscle.

Exercise 2: The Center of the Universe

In a train or in a bus, when you get bored and don’t know what to do, choose an object and focus on it. It can be an ad banner, a spot on the ceiling or anything you like or dislike. Focus on this object for 5 minutes as if it were the center of the Universe. If your mind wants to distract somehow, get back to the chosen object. Relax only after 5 minutes are over.

Exercise 3: Sasaki’s Method

A famous photographer Chris Sasaki shared his own way to improve concentration. Whenever he notices that his attention is distracted and his thoughts are wandering, he says to himself: “Attention!”, looks around and gets back to where he is at the moment.

Exercise 4: Observing Your Attention

While you’re reading a web page or an article in a printed magazine, pay attention to what captures your eyes – which images or fonts are the first to attract you.

Exercise 5: Discover the Hidden Objects

Make it your goal to notice something new about the objects in your room or on your way home. It is surprising that we often ignore some details which you have seen hundreds of times but which you did not actually notice.

What do you usually do when you want to improve concentration? Will you share your secrets with us?

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