Buzz on the WebTop 10 Freelance Writing Forums You Can Be Missing

Freelance Writing Forums Sometimes freelance writers can feel a bit lonely. Not only when they need professional advice or moral support, but also when they’re simply bored and want to share some jokes that only colleagues would get. That’s what all those writing forums are about. Enjoy this list of top resources that are really helpful.

10 Valuable Writing Forums

Some of them may require registration for full access:

  1. this one is probably more appropriate for fiction writers, but you may find some useful info too.
  2. has such valuable threads as ‘Brainstorming’ and ‘How-to guides’.
  3. is a forum for work at home Moms, but it can offer plenty of valuable info to you, such as grammar and punctuation checkers, for example.
  4. is for those who need some motivation or practical hints
  5. is an online workshop where you can receive feedback on your writing style.
  6. is a community of technical writers and editors.
  7. is a place for anyone who is passionate about writing.
  8. offers word games, challenges and contests.
  9. is great for meeting your colleagues and making friends if you want to.
  10. is inspiring and informative at the same time.

So, next time when you feel sad or lonely with your writing gigs, feel free to visit those writing forums. Just be sure you don’t kill too much time there while we really need you as a reliable writer and a valued member of our writers’ community. You’re welcome to check our available orders. What if there’s some interesting order waiting for you?

P.S. Do you use any other writing forums, not mentioned on this list? Feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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