Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 9 Habits of Productive Academic Writers on Holidays

Productive Academic Writers on Holidays We all know that productivity is very important. We learn the basics of time management and carefully plan the working week. What about the weekends and holidays?

It clears out that the most successful people do it differently even on their vacations. Here’s what the most productive academic writers and most famous people recommend you doing this holidays season:

Habit 1: Raising Up Early

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Buzz on the Web Top 10 Freelance Writing Forums You Can Be Missing

Freelance Writing Forums Sometimes freelance writers can feel a bit lonely. Not only when they need professional advice or moral support, but also when they’re simply bored and want to share some jokes that only colleagues would get. That’s what all those writing forums are about. Enjoy this list of top resources that are really helpful.

10 Valuable Writing Forums

Some of them may require registration for full access:
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