Priceless Writing Tips4 New Writing Techniques: Become a Better Writer Today!

Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” However, keeping things simple is not easy at all when it comes to freelance writing. That’s why I dug through the web, searching for the latest scientific findings which might help. Here’s what I’ve found – these 4 innovative writing techniques:

Make It Faster – Use Bright Fonts and Backgrounds

The easiest way to boost your productivity is to add colors to your routine. A recent study conducted at the University of Essex revealed that using sunlight colors, people might boost their performance by at least 25%. So, why not try it? Just don’t forget to change it all before sending to the client.

Change Scenery – Write from a New Place

If you’re struggling with routine, the comfort of your usual working place is your enemy. Whereas usually changing the surroundings can be rather distracting, sometimes working from a park or a café can be like a breath of fresh air and a good source of inspiration.

Use a Second Monitor – Work Faster

There have been several studies which proved that buying an extra monitor can boost productivity by up to 50%. The only disappointment is the fact that most of these studies were conducted by IT companies, which are definitely interested in persuading more people to buy extra monitors. However, numerous writers confessed that using one monitor for doing an online research and another one solely for writing and formatting boosted their productivity. Sure, this writing technique is somewhat costly, but those who use it say it’s 100% worth it.

Develop Your Second Hand – Boost Your Creativity

This one is my personal observation (which however has some solid scientific ground). Once I read that the easiest way to activate both of my brain’s hemispheres is to do some daily activities with my left hand (I am right-handed). Using this simple trick which actually required only some time (as it was harder to do even the simplest things with an untrained hand) and patience. And amazing things happened. I could generate interesting and sometimes unexpected ideas in record time.

So, these were 4 effective writing techniques you could start using right now. Have you ever tried any of them before?

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