Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics10 Must-Watch Movies about Writers You Shouldn’t Miss

Movies about writers‘Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.’ Elbert Hubbard.
Motivation is all you need. But the monotonous freelance writing routine isn’t always inspiring. Sometimes chats with clients and the difficulties getting the necessary info can kill your motivation.

Just remember: it happens to everyone. And the following top 10 movies about writers are for you to recharge your motivation batteries (if necessary) or simply to spend a pleasant evening.

Top 10 Movies about Writers: Watch and Get Inspired

  1. My Left Foot (1989). A true story of Christy Brown, an Irish cerebral palsy victim. Paralyzed from birth, he becomes a well-known author, writing with his left food – the only part of his body that wasn’t affected.
  2. Almost Famous (2000). Inspired by a true story, this movie tells about the experiences of its director as a 15 year old rock journalist. Ups and downs of the young man are likely to inspire you.
  3. Wonder Boys (2000). A story of solving problems with women, literature and career. A clever dark comedy which will make you laugh and think.
  4. The Tiger and the Snow (2005). A poet travels to Iraq to save his beloved Vittoria. Labeled as ‘semiocomic romance’, this movie is all about the power of love, winning even over the bombs.
  5. Stranger than Fiction (2006). A mind-bending movie with an original plot. The main character, a lonely IRS agent, gets to know that his life is the plot of a book that is currently being written. As the author has a complicated case of a writer’s block, she tries to kill her character.
  6. Dan in Real Life (2007). A story of a freelance journalist who is a widower and a father to three kids. He suddenly falls in love with a girlfriend of his younger brother.
  7. The Ghost Writer (2010). Who would think that ghost writing can lead to such a mess? A ghost writer who agrees to help a prime minister with his memoir realizes that his life is in danger.
  8. Midnight in Paris (2011). A movie about how only one night in Paris can change the characters’ lives.
  9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012). A heartfelt movie depicting ups and downs of growing up. A story about love, fears and lifetime friends.
  10. The Help (2011). Being moved to tears is guaranteed. Probably even more than once. A story about how a writing project can change societal rules and save lives.

Hopefully, this list of movies about writers would encourage you to do that extra mile and be at least one step closer to success. Happy writing, dear colleagues!

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