Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsHow to Make the Most of Writing Time (Staying Connected)

Writing Time They say there is a time for everything. Yeah, a time to research, a time to write, a time to edit and a time to chat with clients and support team.

Ah, and don’t forget a time to download all the files from the client.

When you’re into freelance writing, time is your scarcest resource. It’s non-renewable and non-recyclable. That’s why using writing time to the fullest is of utmost importance.

Stay Connected not Distracted

One of the top tips for optimizing your writing time you might find online is to block all distractions. They say forget Facebook, ignore your mail and turn off (!) your cell phone. And you will be happy. Well, maybe you will, but only until you miss an important call from your kid or spouse or neglect an important update from your client.

Staying connected and still productive is a much better alternative. And that’s what the desktop notifications have been invented for. For instance, by installing the desktop notifications for your Google account, you will be able to monitor all the inbox without distracting.

Benefit from the 3 Golden Times

Another important strategy is to make the most out of the best periods in time. For instance, the periods you may want to use better include the following:

In this way, you will be able to improve These golden times are perfect for self-education and working on your own projects. As you do have your own projects (your personal blog, platform or even a book), don’t you?

Write with the Weather

Another huge step to making the most of writing time is using the environment to your advantage. Sometimes it might seem close to impossible. Kids playing in the room next door, neighbors singing karaoke or somebody watching a football match are not the best conditions for working on your writing projects. However, you may learn to benefit from your surroundings:

  • Why not take (short) exercising breaks to play with kids or clean the snow? It might improve the circulation of blood and bring fresh ideas into your head.
  • What about using some background music to mask the distracting sounds? Certain melodies are likely to boost your performance.
  • Join people singing karaoke or do a short funny dance ‘like nobody’s watching’. It might help you let the steam off and cure all kinds of writer’s blocks.

It would be sweet of you if you could share your personal recipe of how you make the most of your writing time.

Thanks and have the most productive writing week you can imagine.

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