Uncategorized8 Mere Trifles Which Can Cure Nearly Any Writers’ Block

Writers' Block Writing is demanding. It requires time, effort, persistence, perfect writing conditions and even more than that. There are some mere trifles which can mean everything when it comes to writing. For instance, have you noticed that the minor issues discussed below can help you avoid writer’s blocks?

Unexpected Cures for Writer’s Blocks!

Most successful writers had their special writing rituals. Stephen King always prepared a glass of water or a cup of tea, and James Joyce wore a white coat and wrote lying on his stomach.

Sure, you will develop your own rituals (unless you have already done so). However, the following mere trifles, recognized by experienced writers as important, can be of much interest to you too:

  1. Water and food supply. Quality writing requires much energy. Dieting and dehydrating are sure fire ways to a writer’s block. Make sure you have enough clear water and some healthy snacks prepared.
  2. Position. Try to get rid of stereotypes as to the positions which are most appropriate for writing. Sitting at your desk might seem right, but too boring. What about working on a comfortable sofa? A park? A library? A noisy café? Find something that suits you best.
  3. Clothes. No dress code is one of the top reasons why people choose freelancing. However, by changing your pajamas for something comfortable but more official might boost your motivation.
  4. Inspiring background. The background music and other cute details might help you a lot. Bright elements might energize you and get you inspired. Soft colors might comfort you. The same goes for music – its rhythm might either slow down or speed you up.
  5. Outer world. Some writers prefer to stay connected, whereas others choose complete isolation. Try both strategies and choose your favorite one.
  6. Timing. Some freelancers tend to procrastinate until the very last moment because they work better under pressure. Others like it well-planned and set a number of intermediate deadlines only to have everything completed long before the deadline. Choose your individual strategy for best possible results.
  7. Breaks. Even a couple of minutes can make you feel refreshed. Remember that breaks are not excuses for procrastinating a bit longer. They are a true necessity and a crucial part of your routine.
  8. Apple-pie order. Whatever makes you productive. Both extremes – absolute mess or apple-pie order are ok for different people.

5 Weirdest Rituals of Famous Writers

  • George Orwell, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Truman Capote wrote in the horizontal position, lying in bed.
  • Ernest Hemingway preferred to write standing up.
  • Aaron Sorkin broke his nose while writing – one day he head-butted a mirror while writing.
  • Victor Hugo decided to write nude to stop procrastinating. He asked his valet to remove all clothing from his house while he was sleeping. In that way, trapped nude in his home, Hugo had no choice but to start writing.
  • Dan Brown starts at 4 a.m. and every 60 minutes he leaps to his feet and does some sit-ups, stretches and push-ups.
  • Charles Bukowski recommended writers drinking more beer.

So, healing writer’s blocks can be easier than it seems. What is your unique writing ritual that helps you stay motivated and energized?

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