Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics7 Quick and Easy Feng Shui Tips for Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers Quick question: Are you absolutely happy with your working space? Do you usually get inspired whenever you finally arrive at the part of your home you proudly call office?

Like nobody else, freelance writers need to feel comfortable at work to unlock their creative potential.

That’s why feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement for perfect energy flowing, might help you.

Tip 1: Just Declutter It

The first and probably foremost tip is to keep your working space clean and organized. Believe it or not, but feng shui says that piles of files on the table don’t let the best ideas into your head.

  • Keep your cables organized;
  • give everything a home – every trifle should be at its right place;
  • make clearing everything in the evening your daily ritual.

Tip 2: Get a Comfortable Chair

It’s probably even not feng shui, but your common sense that should encourage you to get a comfortable chair. Freelance writing should not be a backbreaking labor.

In case even better furniture doesn’t help, you may do some exercises to avoid the fatigue. By the way, the improved circulation of blood can bring you some really good ideas.

Tip 3: Take Care of the Lightning

Ever heard of professional diseases of freelance writers? Eye problems are on the top of this list, and you’d better ensure proper lightning in your room to maintain proper eye hygiene.

Tip 4: Personalize It

At your working space, you should feel like home – don’t hesitate to bring the smiling photos of your dear and near. Memorable gifts can be great too. Heart-melting trifles will never distract you. On the contrary, the eyes of your family looking at you would only warm you and inspire whenever necessary.

Tip 5: Add Colors

Some bright details (yellow pencils, green card holders etc.) might enlighten your surroundings and help you break the routine. In some cases, bright colors might even help you wake up in the morning and feel less sleepy in the evening.

Tip 6: Keep Open Space

Don’t forget that minimalism is the new word in modern design. Moreover, the ancient and time proven theories of feng shui say that open space surrounding your desktop is necessary to maintain proper energy flows, which can help freelance writers get inspired and motivated.

Tip 7: Put Plants or Invite Animals

Plants could carry new fresh energy and absorb the electromagnetic emission of your laptop at the same time. An aquarium or even occasional visits of your dearest cat could bring you some valuable energy too.

What is your personal secret behind your success as a freelance writer?

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