Priceless Writing TipsHow to Get Jaw-Dropping Ideas for Essays in No Time

Ideas for Essays Surely, we could compile another list of original ideas for essays, all witty, fresh and compelling. But this time we’ve got for you something even better than ready-made topics. Here are the mechanisms that can boost your own creativity so much that you’ll be able to generate even more outstanding ideas than you need, in no time.

Master the Basics of Creativity

Surprisingly, it takes only a few tricks to light the inspiration bulbs for you in almost no time:

  1. Ask yourself open-ended questions (questions which require more than yes/no answers): What might improve/spoil this painting? What exactly made Gangnam Style so popular?
  2. Get rid of stereotypes and ‘unspoken rules.’ Anything that is not officially forbidden is allowed. Keep asking yourself ‘why not?’ Sometimes you can create new rules. Nobody thought a mere black square could be an acknowledged masterpiece or even an artwork, until Malevich asked himself “why not?”
  3. Keep things simple. Sometimes solutions to the hardest problems are so simple that they almost seem stupid. And most of us are like “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Simple Steps to ‘Create Creativity’

Get great ideas for essays on Literature

  • How would you change the ending?
  • How would it look in another genre? (Romeo and Juliet as a modern sitcom or The Little Mermaid as a psychological drama)?
  • Which 3 details could change the plot entirely?

Get fresh ideas for essays on Psychology

  • How can it be used in practice?
  • What are the directions for further research?
  • How can it save the world?

Get awesome ideas for essays on Business

  • How can it be applied to small businesses?
  • What futuristic technology is needed for the crazy success of this enterprise?
  • What advice from a famous business leader could help?

Bonus Tips for Creative Folks

A few more principles that could get you some amazing topics for essays:

  • there’s no bad time for inspiration – take notes of your unused ideas and compile them in a scrap file to consult when you need fresh topics to sink your teeth into;
  • make it a rule to learn, read, watch something new every day – subscribe to interesting blogs, talk to colleagues on forums and maintain a constant stream of quality information;
  • work smart – never hesitate to take at least a brief break when you feel exhausted.

What do you usually do when you need a good idea for an essay? Can’t wait to read your advice in the section below.

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