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online writersFreelance jobs rock. Nobody bosses you around, and nothing stops you from taking a coffee break whenever you may want to. Most online writers would miss a caring employer in only one case: when they think of an unpaid summer vacation. Even though this break is totally on you, a summer break is something that’s worth doing.
Here’s how to do a summer break right, freelance style.

6 Step Vacation Guide for Online Writers

  1. Plan your vacation ahead. Sure, it would be great to wake up one morning, decide that enough is enough and pack your luggage (or simply decide to laze about at home). However, it would be irresponsible of you. Don’t forget that all vacations inevitably come to an end, and you’d better not ruin your relations with clients till then.
  2. Work ahead. One of the most painful things about vacation as an online writer is the lack of salary. However, you know of this unpleasant circumstance long ahead and can easily get ready for it. Work ahead and budget ahead not only for the vacation period, but also for some time after you get back to work.
  3. Deliver early. If you have a choice – to deliver an order before or after vacation – always choose the option before. You’ll love the feeling of freedom as you leave all business questions at home. Don’t let the thoughts about report waiting for you at home spoil your vacation.
  4. Don’t take work with you. Let’s be honest: Do you really hope to write something decent in short breaks between beach and dinner? Avoid the distractions and try to relax to the fullest.
  5. Flaunt your vacation status. Let everyone know that you’ll be unavailable for some time. It would be honest and can save you from much trouble.
  6. Be unavailable. After you announce your vacation status, get out of touch for real. Sure, you can be available on your cell phone for some emergency cases, but you’d better resist your impulses to check your message board. You may suffer from withdrawal pains for some time, but you’ll feel much better later.

Recharge your batteries, do a vacation, freelance style.
Happy summer, dear online writers!

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