Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Why Aren’t Your Rest Breaks Boosting Your Productivity?

rest breakIn one of our earlier posts, we wrote about the potential benefits of leisure web browsing. Surprise – surprise! Charlotte Fritz, an assistant professor from Portland State University, added an important clarification – only visits to JOB-RELATED sites can boost your productivity. Other forms of rest breaks are a mere waste of time.

Not All Rest Breaks Help You Recharge Your Batteries

Internet is one of the biggest temptations ever. It’s close to impossible not to lose track of time on your favorite sites. “I’ll only check in for a minute” is one of the top lies, second only to “I read and accept the terms and conditions.”
A recent business study revealed that at least 64% of office employees visit non-work related sites at work. And things can get only worse if you’re a freelancer, working from home, one on one with your deadlines.
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