Priceless Writing TipsGREAT NEWS: Individual Accounts at JSTOR Are Now Free!

access to jstorHey guys!
Did you hear that JSTOR now offers a free (though limited) public access to its online academic library?
Rumors say that JSTOR decided to reconsider their access policy, after the tragic scandal involving the former Reddit co-owner, wunderkind and digital activist Aaron Swartz, who stole 4.8 million documents from JSTOR in 2011 and probably wanted to upload them freely to the web.
So, JSTOR extends its free access, and now you can:

  • register for a free MyJSTOR account;
  • enjoy free access to 1.200 journals from 700 publishers;
  • download book chapters for further reading;
  • use additional options: save searches, export citations, receive email alerts for tracked journals etc.

At the same time, there are some flies in the ointment:

  • members with free accounts can read only 3 items every 14 days;
  • members with free accounts can access only items included in the Register & Read experimental program;
  • members have to share their personal information with JSTOR and their partners, so that they could see who’s reading what.

However, even in this limited form, free access to the leading digital academic library is definitely worth trying. The registration for a free MyJSTOR account takes a couple of minutes, but the advantages are obvious.
Happy writing, dear colleagues!

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