Priceless Writing Tips How Do I Write a Thesis Statement that Rocks with No Effort?

how do I write a thesis statementWhen you are a freelance writer, it’s most likely that your working day is full of dilemmas.
When you have just solved the puzzle ‘what to cook for dinner’, a new challenge ‘how do I write a thesis statement’ comes your way. Don’t worry – let the latter problem to us – just read and follow the quick tips below.

How Do I Write a Thesis Statement? What (Not) to Include?

A thesis statement is the central argument of your entire paper. It is a very brief summary of what you’re going to say in the whole paper, condensed in 1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction.
The 3 main parts of a strong thesis statement are: subject, claim, and roadmap for the paper.
The next step to writing strong thesis sentences is to delete these 3 things: emotions, unnecessary details and vague formulations.
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Priceless Writing Tips Top 5 Sources that Online Writers Should Avoid by All Means

online writersOnline writing jobs have many advantages.
Most freelancers agree that, not meeting your boss in the mornings is cool.
However, this doesn’t mean that online writers are all in clover. Hunting for credible sources of information online can poison their working days. This post offers an effective antidote.

Credible Sources: Main Features

“There is nothing easier than finding reliable sources on the web” – said no online writer ever.
When you see some text on the web, you can be absolutely sure of only 2 things. The first is that the author has an Internet connection. The second is that the author has some free time for putting his/her thoughts in writing and posting them online. No guarantees regarding the author’s qualification, honesty and prior experience. That’s why, including even a properly-cited quote from a questionable online source can be a sure-fire way to failure.
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Priceless Writing Tips Proper Research Paper Format Made Easy in 5 Quick Steps

research paper formatHi there, friends and colleagues!
How are you doing today? We hope that you are feeling good. And we are almost certain that most of you are positive about further professional growth.
Today we are going to speak about research paper format. Here we condensed years of our research experience in only 5 quick steps to make format issues easier.

5 Quick Steps to Great Research Paper Format

So, here’s how you give a proper form to your awesome investigation:
Logic for the literature review. It is important not only to review credible sources, but also to divide them into groups according to the authors’ positions. Some of them agree with your hypothesis, others disagree. Don’t hesitate to include them all to show that you’ve chosen a truly controversial question.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 5 Quick Tips from Celebrity Chefs for Freelance Writers

freelance writersFreelance writing is often quite similar to cooking. Don’t you think so?
The tips below might make you change your mind (and improve your writing!)
Anyway, dearest freelance writers, let’s see why these 2 creative professions have much in common.

5 Cooking Tips for Freelance Writers

So, here are the secrets of the best celebrity chefs and how they apply to both cooking and freelance writing:

  1. Having a recipe. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s most likely that you will not get there. When cooking pasta, a chef can’t change his/her mind and start baking an apple pie all of a sudden. The same works for freelance writers – it’s always better to have an outline from the very beginning. Consistency rocks!
  2. Using only quality ingredients. Avoid flies in the ointment – don’t include any doubtful ingredients, such as a 2 weeks old cheese or last year’s onions. A soup that stinks isn’t appetizing at all. The same goes for plagiarized ideas or unverified information in your papers. One awkward sentence and oops – the paper might start to stink!
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