Priceless Writing Tips How to Write More, Worry Less and Really Enjoy It?

how to write moreFreelance writing is much more enjoyable when you know how to write more and worry less.
And here we offer a few opinionated but effective recommendations on how to achieve this.

Start Writing

This one can seem too obvious. To complete some writing, one definitely has to start doing it first. However, it really can be a good advice on how to write more.
Here I mean quickly moving from research to writing. Start your draft before you get the complete picture of the problem. Meticulous planning and careful outlining are great. Yet, sometimes we just cannot afford them, due to a tight deadline.
Why not combine writing with research and discovery? Write down all brilliant ideas as soon as they cross your mind. Don’t even try to make them perfect at this stage. That’s what editing and proofreading are for.
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