Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics2 Inspirational True Stories to Help You Go an Extra Mile

inspirational true storiesLooking for excuses is so typical of most people. Bad hair days come and go, and we remain with our old selves, unchanged – still smoking and not improving grammar, ‘forgetting’ hundreds of promises to quit the first and start the second.
However, there are people out there who don’t bury their dreams in the commonplace Neverland called tomorrow.
Here are 2 inspirational true stories, that will show you that nothing is impossible if one really wants it:

2 Inspirational True Stories that Will Give Your Head a Shake

  1. A blind man plays 20 instruments. The fact that Tony DeBlois plays 20 musical instruments is quite impressive. However, the achievement becomes even more impressive when we take into account the fact that he is both blind and autistic. Tony’s disabilities never prevented him from learning something new and being stunningly successful at it. In 2012, he was invited to play at the Olympic Games in London. His favorite words are “I have not learnt that yet.” And guess what? Each time he finds himself saying those words, Tony then goes ahead to learn what he didn’t yet know.
  2. Climbing the top of the world without legs. Climbing Mount Everest (29, 035 ft), the world’s highest peak, is an extremely dangerous, albeit popular pastime. Among the many mountaineers to have climbed it, one, Mark Inglis, is truly special. He is a middle-aged climber from New Zealand who became an international sensation when he successfully climbed this mountain in 2006 despite having previously lost both his legs while ascending another mountain peak. In 1982, Mark Inglis suffered from frostbite and both his legs were amputated right below his knees. Yet, this man didn’t give up mountain climbing. Inglis’ condition did not stop him from getting to the top of the world. Moreover, he had a noble mission when he was climbing Everest – Mark was raising funds for prostheses for disabled Tibetans who live in the shadow of this mountain.
  3. I guess that after you read this inspirational true story, you will find that things such as ‘broken buses’ and ‘no time’ are truly poor excuses for not completing a paper on time or forever postponing improving your grammar.

Totally embarrassed myself by my weak excuses after reading these inspirational true stories, I think I will finally start learning Chinese tomorrow today (今天).
What about you? Isn’t this the right time for improving your brain hygiene? Do you make false promises to yourself? Or, maybe, are you a well-organized person always keeping your word?

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