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Dear Writers,

You know how important it is for our clients to get well-written papers. Even the slightest mistakes may cause troubles or a general dissatisfaction. To avoid such situations, a special attention should be given to the grammatical level of the assignment.
Besides that, penalizing writers for the mistakes is really unpleasant for us, so we do want to avoid it. To make sure your papers contain no mistakes and senseless phrases or sentences, you could check them using Free Online Grammar Check programs before sending your files to us for a verification procedure. Such programs are automated proofreaders and may find and correct over 150 types of grammatical mistakes and improve your word choice.
You may want to consider one of the following resources:

  1. copy and paste text into an online tool to quickly identify spelling and grammar errors. An online thesaurus is also available.
  2. is a free program that includes a grammar checker. It is supported on all of the most common operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X (PowerPC), and Microsoft Windows. The interface is similar to Microsoft Word, making this program very easy to use. Import and export filters let you convert documents to HTML, Rich Text Format, and OpenDocument for greater convenience.
  3. is a free open source grammar checker that is designed to help users identify the most common grammatical mistakes in their text.
  4. Grammar Slammer! is a spelling and grammar checker that uses a taskbar and integrated search to help identify errors in a document and suggests corrected text. You can download a free 21 day trial of this program or purchase the full version of the software for $49.
  5. is a patent-pending grammar checking technology which reviews and improves your text, correcting grammar, spelling, word choice and style mistakes. You need to copy and paste the text. You may get a free 7-days trial after you obtain one of the offered plans (Monthly $37.95 $29.95 /month, Quarterly $24.98 $19.98 /month Billed as one payment $59.95, Annual $14.58 $11.66 /month Billed as one payment $139.95).
  6. is a proofreading software. You should download and install it from the web site. It is free.
  7. is an editing wizard and an instant editor. Copy and paste the text, click a button and it will show you the problems in it. Free trial is available (no sign-up required, 400 words, 3 submissions per day, 3 reports only) or purchase a Gold Plan for 1000 words for $47.
  8. is an proofreader that checks spelling, misused words, style, and grammar. After the Deadline is also available as a Firefox add-on and a Google Chrome extension so you can use it wherever you go. Need to download from the web site and install.
  9. is a free grammar checker that finds common spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in English. Simply type (or paste) your text into the window and hit the “check text” button.
  10. is a grammar and spelling check, free online proofreading. Just copy and paste your paper in the box and click.
  11. is an advanced, web-based grammar checking free online spelling and grammar software. Enter the text and click the button.
  12. is a spell check technology, which is able to detect and correct spelling errors with one simple mouse click. The technology behind this online tool not only detects spelling mistakes, but also run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, misplaced commas, and embarrassing typos.
  13. is a software which searches writing faults, including complex words, jargon and abstract words, wordy phrases, hidden verbs, passive verbs, clichés and long sentences. It then shows you how to edit each sentence. The 14-day free trial. A copy of StyleWriter costs just $150 (US).

You should remember, however, that if such program has not detected any mistakes in the file, it does not mean the paper is actually error-free. Every paper should be always checked manually. Double-checking cannot do harm, right?

We hope that our suggestion will serve you well.
Thank you!
Truly Yours,
RWC Team


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