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Writer’s blockYou never knew it could happen to you, but – here it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it. A writer’s block is like quicksand – the more you twitch, the stronger you sink into it. Well, let’s handle this mental constipation.

Writer’s Block: Definitions and Preventive Measures. Fight It

To start with, the writer’s block is a state in which one cannot express ideas in writing. The causes of this writing problem may vary, but most of them boil down to:

  • too much hard work, for too long time;
  • being in low spirits;
  • a not-your-day thing.

However, believe it or not, a couple of writing prompts can save the day. Check some of the tips below.

Writer’s Block: Your Fighting Strategies. A Miracle Is Possible!

One of the most obvious means of fighting the writer’s block, brainstorming boosts your imagination and is an effective way of generating writing ideas. Pick a couple of friends to help you and start sharing your thoughts.
Anchor your paper – just write the beginning and the ending. Once you know where you start from and where you’re going, the road in between will be clearer and the author’s block will disappear.
10 Variations
If you’re stuck on one phrase, try this writing help: create ten different ways of expressing the same idea without repeating the same words.
Brainy Exercises
For those who have enough time, brainy exercises can help. Take a break and then try to find all synonyms to the word cold, then 5 adjectives that start with z, etc.
Take a Break
Sometimes your brain is way too tired to think. Give it a break – and start writing afresh.
The Many-Handed Shiva
Try doing several things at the same time. Experiencing writer’s block with your essay on biology? Deal with the one on English Literature! Are you stuck there? Deal with the paper on sociology, etc.
Watch Your Step!
If you have a problem with writing, it might be simply because the task is too big or unclear. Split it in several steps and create an outline – that’s what experienced writers do.
Get Crazy
Sometimes, help for writers comes from where you least expected it to. Come up with the craziest idea – and it may become your gold mine of inspiration!
Movie Making
If you can’t find the right words, imagine you’re shooting a movie. From this angle, the proper words might be easier to find.
Question Time!
Ask yourself a question and try answering it. That’ll give you a push by helping you focus on “what’s going to happen next.”
So look around and get inspired by the things around you! Writing is easy when you know how to make your readers want to know what happens next in your story. So shake that annoying writer’s block off your back and get down to writing!

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