Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsReal Writing Jobs: Writers, Beware of Scams and Frauds!

Real Writing JobsNowadays, writers can truly get paid for writing from home via the Internet. However, this is true only if they choose a reputable company to work for and avoid the traps of online scams and frauds, which now spring up all over the place. The good news is that, differentiating between real writing work offered online and a fraud scheme is possible and within your means. This article shares a proven recipe of successful investigation.

Real Writing Jobs: What Should Make You Suspicious?

Ironically, the site that is called is an example of online fraud scheme. Their sugar-coated offer “Turn Your Spare Time into Cash” sounds too good to be true. These are only a few details about this company that should make all visitors suspicious:

  • Real Writing Jobs do not require experience for writers to join them. (Why aren’t they interested in the competence of potential employees?)
  • They promise that you will make a fortune (earn up to $ 500 per day if you want to) by doing simple writing jobs, such as creating blog posts and expressing your opinions. If that were true, all active Facebook users would earn millions for their status updates!
  • They claim that you get paid cash the same day whenever you write a blog post.
  • IMPORTANT: there are fees required for signing up. Actually, this one is the answer to the question of what is this site really doing. They are simply making money by attracting new users and collecting the joining fee from them!

Real Writing Jobs: The Small Print Makes the Difference

Even though the inconsistencies are so obvious for most scams, some writers still believe in miracles and look for a free lunch. “I have read the terms and conditions and accept them” is the number 1 in the list of the worst lies of modern Internet users. But not reading the terms up to the end or omitting the small print is extremely dangerous. This is the case with the victims of

If only some of them went to the bottom of the page and took at least a quick look at the section “Earnings Disclaimer” in the lower right corner, so much trouble could be avoided. In this disclaimer, the service reveals another secret – they are not going to pay you at all. Using all capital letters (actually, why not to use capital letters here after using small print for the title of the section and burying it in the footer of the web page?), the company states that they do not provide “ANY GUARANTEES THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY”. This is how the small print in the footer can make the difference.

Good Old

However, this sad story about Real Writing Jobs should not discourage you. Yes, there are bad guys out there. But what is important is the fact that you have come across this article, you know all the secrets of pesky disclaimers and won’t become the victim of this or other similar frauds.

So, to avoid falling prey to scam schemes, just join good old (or stay with us, our dearest writer)! Here you will find real freelance writing jobs, because:

  • registration with us is free;
  • we care about the competence of our writers and we assist them in their future professional growth;
  • we offer good salaries, but we do not promise that you will become a millionaire;
  • we have no small print disclaimers.

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