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RWC - new writing contest!Hey, guys!
I bet that you like the contests that we put up on our Facebook page :) Guess what – we have another one and it’s already available on our Facebook page.

Check out the details of the contest – it is going to be a surprising challenge and a lot more entertaining than the previous competitions.

This time we want you to tell us something funny about your freelance writing experience! We are sure that all of you, especially those people who have spent years in freelance writing business, have something hilarious to tell us; a story which already became legendary amongst your friends :)

We have been thinking about the new contest and an appropriate topic for it, but we weren’t able to come up with something more or less interesting – since we didn’t want to repeat the previous writing contests right away. We wanted something new and exciting – that’s how our latest writing contest was born! :)

Please, be sure to read the rules – we realize that a lot of people will be tempted to simply fake the story, because there is no way we can possibly check, if it’s true or not.

That’s why we will examine the fictitious value of the stories, if I may say so – of course, you can make it up. But…it has to be connected with freelance writing, it has to be FUNNY or at least modestly amusing, the fiction should not be that obvious – we don’t need a fantastic novel:)

The word count is pretty limited for this one – so you have to pull something out of this: the story has to fit into the word count.

As usually – we’ll be accepting submissions for a month, than our jury will choose the finalists and our community will be the judge to pick the winners. We had some issues concerning cheating – some of the winners gained votes too fast. That’s why – if you will participate, please read the rules, which include info concerning cheating too.

You can find the contest on our Facebook page and you can check back later here for more updates!

Make us laugh! Have a great day!


  • Joseph Wamwere
    October 24th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    I like this! i dont wonna miss this…

    • October 25th, 2011 at 5:24 am

      Hurry up, Joseph! It’s already in progress on our Facebook page! :)

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