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As we have announced a couple of weeks ago – we are preparing a number of important changes to the RWC internal procedure.

All of the changes are expected to take place on Monday, 6 AM GMT, but there might be certain time frame fluctuations – we don’t want to rush anything as our IT Dpt. will be making the changes seemingly unnoticeable for an average user.

Some of the basic changes were highlighted in the previous article. But this time, I’m going to tell you about some of the most significant updates.

Status Updates

As we’ve told earlier – from now on, first status writers will have a right to take certain orders by themselves. But hold your horses: first status writers will also have a limitation of 1 current order. This means that you will have to complete 1 order before being able to take another one. Note, the feature is automatic so there is no way to request the Support Team to give you more orders. Read the rest of this entry »