Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Fundamental Tips, PART 2

fundamental freelance writing tips We do hope that you liked the first part of this article, if you haven’t had the chance to read it – check it out right here! But let’s proceed…

Having support for our freelance work in our own home is critical for our success as freelance writers.

Since families can find many grounds for complaint regarding your work choices, disarming them is a daunting challenge.

We examined some strategies recently for garnering such backing.

We discussed the advisability of preparing a sound bite summary of our work, delineating our work time, space, and identity clearly, and documenting the benefits of that work.

Let’s consider some other possible routes to at least a grudging acceptance of our chosen career path.

This is not an inconsequential issue. As of 2005, a third of the US work force could be considered freelancers, and at least 2% of Americans consider home their primary place of employment.

We are not alone! However, if the people we live with oppose our efforts, we have little chance of making it in this new freelance economy. How can we get these dear ones ‘on board’?
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