Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing – Back Up Your Data Edition

How to Back Up Your DataAll computer users, at some point, have lost data from their computer: either because the document processing software did not save the most recent changes, or because of accidental deletion.

My typical way to lose files is when I am cleaning out superfluous files and discover that I have tossed out something crucial!

What can you do to prevent such disasters? Are there techniques or software that can help? Sure – there are many solutions to this problem. First, however, let’s start with the basic strategies to keep what you store on your computer safe: not only your documents, but your valuable pictures and other files.

First, you must back up every piece of data externally. For example, I copy my photos to DVDs at least every six months. This might sound excessive, but consider my recent experience. A year ago, my PC was infected with a really nasty virus that led to a blue screen nearly every time I booted up. I had to reinstall my OS. In order to wipe the virus out, I had to format both of my hard drives ( believe me, I tried the easy way out by merely reinstalling the OS and performing checks with a variety of anti-virus software – no dice). Eventually, I was left with two clean hard drives.
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