Priceless Writing Tips 4 Things to Consider If You Want to Start Freelancing

Freelancing TipsPeople hold different beliefs about the real nature of freelance writing. For some people, freelance writers are professionals who were not adequately treated in their full-time position. For other people, freelancers are those who could not find a decent full-time job.
There is nothing wrong with either opinion, because to a certain extent, both of these statements hold true for thousands of freelance writers around the world. However, one of the most important things that separate freelance professionals from the rest of the world is that they were able to take a critical step. This step takes them towards uncertainty, and towards more professional and personal freedom.
Are YOU ready to start being a freelance writer? Do you have the expertise, knowledge, and personal qualities required to survive as a freelancer? There are four reasons, at least, which might offer clues as to why you should start a freelancing career.
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RWC Top WritersWe bet you folks have missed the top writers list! It was a very popular feature, and generated lots of buzz. It still appears on the list of most-viewed content whenever we analyze how our blog is doing.

After all, recognition by peers can boost morale and inspire freelance writers to go the extra mile to deliver top-notch orders for our clients. Let’s face it – we all would like our 15 minutes of fame. In such a faceless business as freelance writing is, it’s quite difficult to be famous and get recognition. Thus, our top writers list massages your self-esteem :)

To be frank, we’ve missed it too. After all, it’s interesting to us too. We like finding out about the changes in our writers’ productivity. Has someone increased his or her productivity to get onto the list? Or has someone’s name dropped off the list?

We need to mention that there are many criteria upon which the top writers list can be based. This, the first list of 2011, will be based on the productivity of our writers (especially of the heavy lifters on our project, those that complete hundreds of orders during a month) and their ratings (that is, the evaluation of the quality of their writing by customers).
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Company News, Contests and Promotions from New Contest from RWC – Participate and Get a Chance to Win $ 500 CONTEST PRIZE!!!

New Photo Contest from the ResearchWritingCenter.comHey, guys!
We are excited to inform you, that we’ve launched a new promotion for our fans and visitors at our Facebook page! The reaction to our previous promotion was overwhelming, so we decided not to wait, and give other participants the chance to win a prize! :)

This contest will require you to activate your creative skills in the realm of photography! All you have to do is take a picture of your working space, where you handle all of your freelancing gigs, studying, etc.

Then submit the picture to the contest and get the people to vote on it! The grand prize for the contest is really tempting – $500, which, if you’ll be chosen as the winner, are going to be transferred to your designated account – banking, PayPal, Wire Transfer! No registration is required.
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Contests and Promotions from Congratulations to the Contest Winners!!!

Writing Contest from ResearchWritingCenter.comThe wanted to say “Thank you” to all of the participants of our Essay Writing Contest!

There were a lot of great submissions and it was really hard to choose the ones, which should join the finalists! We found some great writers, who, with a little effort, could become great freelance writing professionals!

There were a lot of debate about the possible finalists and we generally agree, that the chosen list was optimal! There were a lot of favorites, but we tried to stay objective with the list :)

We congratulate our Winners, for the outstanding quality of their essays!

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Priceless Writing Tips Career Investments Any Freelance Writer is Able to Afford!

Freelance Writing Career Investments Of course, by career investment we don’t mean any actual substantial financial input and/or actual investment of money. Here’s are a number of tips, which any freelance writer should be able to use in order to eventually become a high end writing professional.

Basically, therefore, this article should appeal mostly to the rookies in the freelance writing business – you might have the talent, but you don’t have the experience and some of the skills.

What we mean here by “investing” is a mental exercise. From my own experience, freelance writing requires a great deal of intellectual potential as well as substantial knowledge in your specific field. There are not a lot of options to enhance that, if you already have an education.

The best way to acquire information and knowledge is fairly obvious for most of us – books! Nowadays, however, too many people spend their time on the Internet. Yes, of course, a huge amount of updated, current, intriguing information is to be found online. To tell you the truth, I spend a lot of time on the Internet too. However, reading a really good book is a very different experience from online browsing.

Reading is essential for freelance writers – it helps to develop your imagination, since all of the actions, scenes, and voices described in the book are essentially happening in your head. Additionally, it helps to strengthen your vocabulary and grammar skills. Some rookie freelance writers make a huge mistake in relying purely on the Internet and available online sources.
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