Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Going Mobile With Your Freelancing

Mobility in Freelance Writing is GreatApplications abound to provide communication mobility for everyone who’s constantly on the go or who depends heavily on their smart phones. Of course, reviewing them all might be a total waste of time. Thus, I’ll suggest some applications that I, as well as some of my colleagues, found useful.

Here’s one to get you started – Opera Mini Browser, mobile edition. This is probably the best browser for mobile devices, because it offers a plethora of functions – its operates practically the same as your standard PC browser. It differs in that it’s compressed into a package for smart phones and ordinary cellular phones.

This next app will be useful for Android users – it’s called GDocs. It’s basically Google Docs with the following difference: The standard Google Docs app for mobile devices allows users to review the documents, but there are no editing options. With this app, you can actually edit the content of your Google Docs database.
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