Company News New Admin Panel Release (+Screenshot)!

ResearchWritingCenter logoAs we strive for perfection when it comes to the new admin panel interface, we wanted to inform you on the recent updates.

Our IT Dpt. is constantly working to make the necessary changes within the interface to make it a more enjoyable user experiences. Of course a lot of these changes are invisible.

See how it works: the IT Dpt. gathers all of the available information on the new admin panel: your suggestion messages, your requests and concerns, feedback from the support team, possible bug reports, etc. Then they extract the most important instances and immediately start making changes. The involvement of the IT specialists may vary: sometimes the upgrades need more designing work (like the one, which I’ll concentrate on a bit later), others might require more coding, or just minor changes to the codes/programs/settings.

After all of the work is complete, the IT Dpt. runs a series of tests to make sure that everything works properly and that nothing else was changed/sabotaged during the system update.
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