Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsFreelance Writing: Dealing With Finances

Freelance Writing: Finances Being a freelance writer is sometimes really hard: you have to finish one job, then immediately take on another, especially if freelancing is not a part-time activity for you.

If you are a student and freelance writer at the same time, matters are no easier. Keeping up with your finances can become a challenging task, requiring substantial time and concentration.

We’ll offer you some tips on how to manage your finances, both those associated, and not associated, with the That’s because we don’t want you to get distracted while working on our orders. We want your finances to be safe, especially if we are taking part in your financial growth or, at least, contributing to your financial stability.

The first issue we will look at is the payment method that you choose to use with the If you have access to PayPal, then we definitely suggest that you select this option. It offers a lot more flexibility in managing your account with us, and is one of the safest payment methods available online. Normally, payments don’t take unduly long to arrive. The second-best option is Wire Transfer. Now, we know that some of you aren’t quite satisfied with it, but it is nonetheless more reliable than a lot of other options in the marketplace.

Of course, simply controlling your payment schedule with the RWC isn’t enough to control your finances. There are a lot of solutions online to help you manage your money. Some of them are purely advisory and some of them are software-based. Let’s get acquainted with both. A good example of community-based financial advice is Wesabe: Groups . You can ask a questions in any financial category (credit, banking, etc.) and people online will provide you with a response to that question, based on of their own experience. Or you can browse the categories to search for the right answer.

Although some of the topics have not been active for some time now, there are still plenty of logical and practical ideas and tips. This resource is great for personal finance assistance.

On the other hand, if you want to take total control over your finances there are a number of great software and online solutions for you. A free alternative is – unfortunately, it’s only available to US and Canadian users at this time. However, they are working to expand the network. I haven’t personally used it, but a friend of mine is using Mint and he is absolutely satisfied with how things work. Another, more robust solution, available for a fee from the same developer, is called Quicken.

This software product provides more flexibility than online solutions, and at the same time offers good results, according to the reviews I skimmed through online while researching this topic. Of course, keeping track of your money does not prevent you spending it (wisely or unwisely), but at least it gives you a clear sense of where it is going and informs your future choices.

I hope you’ll find these tips useful! Have a great day! Cheers


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