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useful gadgets for freelancers Freelance writing is a challenging online occupation. It is always demanding and requires that a writer be 100% prepared. I have mentioned this in earlier articles, and never tire of reminding you that your job is really complicated and calls for resourcefulness and intelligence.

The human body, unfortunately, has limitations we can’t simply ignore. They sometimes hold us back in our strivings for professional perfection. It’s great that there are gadgets out there to help us perform better. Let’s review some of these.

I guess for many people waking up in the morning is a real problem. That’s natural – we all like to sleep and some of us like to snooze even more than we need to. This gadget is perfect for people who want to make sure that their natural desire to get extra sleep won’t stand in their way of delivering their work by the deadline. It’s called a Carpet Alarm Clock. It’s pretty simple – in order to turn the alarm clock inside of the carpet off you have to stand on it with both of your feet.

So basically until you are off the bed, the alarm will keep going. I guess its efficiency rate is a lot higher than the alarm clock in my phone, which I keep turning off and go to sleep again.

The next one isn’t actually a gadget with physical properties. It’s one of the gadget applications from the Google Desktop gallery – a simple Dictionary. Note, that it will only work with Google Desktop, so you have to install it first.

It’s pretty simple and provides valuable translation details, as it pulls data right from Google. Plus it works pretty snappily on the latest versions of current OS, so it’s a lot easier to use, than most of other dictionary software solutions or even Google itself.

If you tend to work on a number of computers in on- and offline mode, than you definitely need a durable USB flash drive. And especially, if you are an active type, but still want your data to be safe – the next gadget is right for you. It’s a series of USB flash drives, to be precise. I own one and I recommend you to purchase one too.

Corsair USB flash drives are among one of the most durable, heavy duty pieces of gadgetry I’ve ever dealt with. Note, this is not a promotion, or anything – I simply love how the thing works and how it’s able to sustain damage repeatedly : from me dropping a couple of books on it, or spilling a glass of milk, and the list goes on. This thing was tortured by me and the brand deserves to be on the list. :)

The next gadget category is one that some people call mini laptops, others call netbooks. I’ll stick with the second label, because it partially describes its purpose – surfing the net. If you own a standard laptop with at least a 15′ screen, then you have probably experienced uncomfortable moments of working with it: maybe because it’s bulky, maybe because it overheats, etc. Well, a netbook is designed to fight all of these problems – it’s not heavy, it’s not bulky, and most of them don’t overheat. It’s perfect for you online researching, especially if you are traveling.

Another big plus is that, given the size of the thing and the built-in technology, you won’t have the opportunity to watch movies properly or play advanced games, so it rules out many possible distractions on your way to the deadline :)

I hope this list will get you thinking about purchasing some of these, or in specific cases – installing them. I’m sure these gadgets will help you with your freelance writing :)

Have a great day!


  • geoffrey
    October 7th, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I like your tips, which will go a long way in helping a writer contemplating to make this a career. Let me ask you something; is there a software available that can be used to check for grammar, especially when one is writing in bulk? thanks

    • October 7th, 2011 at 11:48 am

      We’re glad that you find our efforts useful:) As for the grammar software, there are a lot of solutions online, like this one –, but most of them are not free. Thank you!

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