Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsGetting Ready for New Orders!

RWC wants you to be prepared for the new orders With the winter holidays finally over, our freelance writing community can return to its normal state. That means getting really busy handling all the new assignments our customers order. Don’t get us wrong: we love all that business, and we intend to keep it growing. After all, if things are hectic, that means that our clients like what you do and are coming back for our services.

A lot of you folks had a vacation as well, which we hope refreshed and readied you for all the new jobs coming up. We hope that you had a wonderful time. However, it’s time to get back on track – there are orders to be completed, papers to be written, and presentations to be prepared.

You might be wondering; is there actually a way to stretch your intellect, the way you stretch your hamstrings before a jog? Can a writer really do anything effective to prepare for the new season?

Sure, you can! I’ll offer some suggestions from my own experience. First, change your reading habits for a few days. For example, do you enjoy science fiction? Perhaps you like suspense novels. Then try reading something different from your usual. New ideas, views, scenarios, scenery, and philosophical notions found in unfamiliar literature can be very refreshing. This can boost your writing. This is actually a technique you could pursue frequently, not just when gearing up for a new season of work.

What else? Here’s an easy one. If you were lucky enough to travel abroad or even elsewhere in your own country, you doubtless ate a different diet – certainly on a different schedule. Exotic foods, eaten irregularly, can be stressful for the body. The act of travelling itself is hard on digestion (consider airplane or train facilities!) and your sleep patterns. I suggest that cooking your favorite nutritious meal and sharing a romantic dinner with your spouse/gf/bf. The combination of romance and nutritious comfort food might just get you back on track.

Have you visited the gym recently? Or taken your regular walk? Well, it’s still only January 2011, so I suggest you get a fresh start on your exercise habit. Being physically in shape definitely adds to your psychological stability, which is an important underpinning to your creativity.

As you can probably tell, not all of these suggestions have scientific research to back them up, but they definitely worked for my colleagues and me. They’re based on common sense and our experiences. At least they are low-effort and low-cost. Give them a try:)

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