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Chrome Store LogoI know that an increasing number of online users utilize the Google Chrome browser. I use it myself and find it more useful than Firefox, for a number of subjective reasons. :)

Therefore, this article is for those freelance writers who are using Chrome, or are planning to switch to it. I would definitely advise you to make that switch, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. Chrome also recently launched its web store, which includes online applications, extensions, themes and much more.

Please note! Some of these links will only work, if you are browsing through Google Chrome. The applications can only be installed through the Google Chrome.

I’m going to concentrate on those web apps which could become powerful tools for freelance writing professionals, or anyone who’s heavily into writing. Don’t worry – most of the apps in the store are free to use. I’m sure many of you will find them helpful!

The first one is for those of you who’d like an engaging way to deepen your vocabulary. It’s called WordStash and one of its best features is its inclusion of real-life examples of the usage for a certain word or a phrase, right from the Internet. It can even add contextual examples from Twitter and other web-based resources. It’s a fun, lively way to become a better scholar :)

The next app is an absolute must for you folks who specialize in book reviews and critiques. It’s the famous Google Books, available in a more mobile and convenient package. It grants access to over 3 million books online, and the best part is that all of this literary treasure is available absolutely for free! Read, research and have a great time with this awesome application!

If you have problems with file storage, this app is right for you – It’s a cloud content management solution, which allows for up to 5 GB of free online storage. Its great advantage is its accessibility from any device – smartphone, PC, etc. Thus, it allows you to access and manage your files on the go – a great solution for freelance writers who travel or have another job that frees up spare time to devote towards freelance writing.

The next one is for folks who are all business! That means you manage and complete a number of freelance writing projects at the same time and therefore need a practical tool to keep track of developments in all of them. This is especially helpful if you collaborate with other freelancing specialistsGravity web app. It’s an awesome project management tool, which allows you to multi-task like you never did before. Another important feature is that it can integrate with other Google apps. You should definitely check it out!

The last one is for heavy browsers, such as I am. Sometimes I have 30-40 tabs open simultaneously. That can be a real problem, when the tabs are piled up, they become vanishingly small, and it’s pretty hard to keep track of them. And even the ‘Pin tab’ feature isn’t that helpful! My new discovery is actually a Chrome extension – not an app, but that doesn’t prevent it from being really handy! It’s called Tab Menu for Chrome and allows you to browse through tabs within a special menu. This is really convenient and has a number of helpful options!

I hope you’ll find these apps and extensions for Google Chrome valuable! Hope you had a blast during your winter holidays! Have a great day and stay safe online :)

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