Priceless Writing Tips5 Useful Tools for Your Freelance Writing Growth!

Tools that will help with your freelance writing You know that a myriad of elements are vital to remaining a successful freelance writer, and I never stop reminding you about them. Right up there, ranked after the ability to write swiftly, clearly, and creatively, are organization skills.

You may remember that I have highlighted this point in a number of articles previously.

What if you are hopelessly disorganized to begin with? What can you do other than re-make yourself entirely as a perfectly organized specimen? Well, fortunately, there is a wide array of software to help you organize your work better, and produce faster and more efficiently.

Some of these are web-based, and some of them are software packages, but all of them were designed to assist you, and you should definitely test them all.

Here are some of the options that I would recommend for your convenience.

We know that some of you folks team up to complete projects with RWC, and the process of collaborative work can sometimes pose some real problems. There is a solution out there to keep your joint work updated in parallel, just as you need. It’s called Backpack. It allows you to create an Intranet online and share information, and files with other users you permit to access it. It is particularly convenient for users who are geographically distant from each other. It’s definitely worth checking it out!

The next tool will be useful for individual freelancers who are overwhelmed by organizing all their research, and the information they have found online.

It is Evernote and it’s a tool that allows you to capture pieces of data online, organize them in a whatever way is most meaningful and convenient for you, and then find them easily in your database. If you find that you are always online researching multiple subjects and accumulating information, this will be irreplaceable for you.

Do you stall when looking for just the right word or knowing for sure whether your word choice fits the context? Well, here is a solution for you – Word Source is a powerfully augmented online dictionary. It offers suggestions when all you can remember is the beginning or the ending of a word. Many professional freelance writers use it, and we suggest you give a try, as well.

Mind mapping can be really challenging, especially if you have a lot of jobs and ideas, and they become mixed up in your head. Organizing even a simple activity can be such a drag.

But with FreeMind, open source mind mapping tool, everything will proceed more easily for you. If you struggle with time management, or project management issues – this tool is definitely right for you.

And last, but not least, is a document generator – txt2tags. This allows you to transform MS Word files into other useful formats: HTML, XHTML, SGML, and a number of others. If you are posting material online frequently, or working on the web – this will clearly increase your productivity.

We hope that these tools will be useful for you. Are you perhaps already using some of these? If you have worked with them, and have some insights on their idiosyncrasies, let us know.

If you have found other software packages with similar functionality, please feel free to share your discoveries. I’m sure that your fellow writers will be grateful for your contribution.

Thank you for your attention.

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