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ResearchWritingCenter Freelancing Career Growth We, at ResearchWritingCenter, realize perfectly well that many of you folks are registered with other freelance writing communities. We also know that some of you simply freelance independently when you don’t have orders with the RWC.

That is perfectly fine with us. Granted, the total volume of orders we receive every day is significant. However, for any specific niche, it can be difficult to keep writers in a specialized subject busy consistently. Thus, if you are a full-time freelance writer, it is vital to have your own clientele to be successful.

That is why you should have ways of attracting potential clients outside any freelance writing community. That includes outside

I’m going to introduce you to some of those.

Do you surf online for news, informational sites or perhaps reviews for different gadgets? Have you ever noticed the disproportionate impact of comments in such cases? For example, let us imagine you’ve read a great review for a new smartphone online. You are convinced and are ready to buy it. You scroll down to the comments section where there is a debate going on about pros and cons of this particular gadget (or issue, or piece of information, of whichever subject is relevant to you).

Chances are, you are more likely to decide on the purchase after you’ve read the comments, than merely after reading the actual review. I call it “the power of the user”. The whole previous paragraph has led up my next point. If you are a freelance writer looking for a gig, it might be useful to comment on some of the forums related to your topic of interest.

Provide your insight on the topic, be informative, and you will find people that agree with you. They will get to know you better as you participate in the communication. Later on, you can mention that you are a freelance writer. You can do that straight away, as a matter of fact.

The more forums or sites related to the issues where you have skills and expertise, and in which you can write articulately and persuasively – the more chances that people will be willing to offer you a writing gig.

Another feasible option is to start your own blog with tips for freelance writers and/or the topic in which you have special strengths. The comment area in most blog sites allows you to provide a link to a site. You can insert your own blog address into that field. Then, if readers are interested in whatever you have said, they can click through and find your site. Bingo!

They can see your talent, skills, and examples of your work.

Of course, you will need to spend at least a couple of hours a day on this activity, but it should eventually pay off. Persistence is one of the most important qualities for a freelance writer, whether they are endowed with it to begin with, or train themselves to it.

If this doesn’t work at first, try using other resources, and accessing different sites. It is important to remember that the more personal you get with a client, the better.

Do you perhaps have your own story or a technique to increase your clientele? Please share it with the other readers of this blog.

More info on the topic in this article.

I will be posting some additional tips on this issue. I hope that you folks will try them out and find them useful!


  • Jacob
    November 10th, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Thanks for this article!There is no doubt that everyday can be a learning day.

    I now know, being a shrewd and prolific freelance writer holds more than meets the eye.

    I am so pleased to be where I am today! At”Research Writing Center”.

    It was never easy,but God saw me through,even though I also had to toil and sweat.

    Now, alongside the opportunity of being financially stable and independent,I am also learning new things in life!Is this not good enough?

  • November 11th, 2010 at 7:09 am

    :) Great to see people like you here, Jacob!
    We at the RWC are really happy about the fact that you enjoy your work with us!

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