Buzz on the Web The Environmental Crisis – What is YOUR Personal Impact on Our World?

How environmental friendly are you?Green is so fashionable these days! Whenever checking out the Answers section of LinkedIn recently for interesting topics (more info on in this article), I notice a multitude of environmental questions.

People are evidently trying to educate themselves about bio-fuel, pollution, and other such issues.

Plenty of evidence, on and off the web, demonstrates how humans have damaged the Earth. This has set me to thinking about our individual impact on our world, through our daily actions and choices.

It’s too early and too uncertain yet, but may soon partner an environmental NGO. We may work with them to help the world go “green” by increasing each employee’s environmental awareness. If this actually transpires, I will be sure to highlight it in our blog.

In the meantime, I’d like to share my thoughts on how each of us can help our planet!

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