Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Newsletter for Applicants

Information for Freelance Writing ApplicantsAre you applying for a freelance writing position with READ THIS FIRST! Otherwise I’m writing it in vain=)

As a follow-up to the article highlighting interviews with the QA Department, I have some additional information for those applying for writing positions with our company. The folks over in QA generously shared with me the extent of work involved in processing applications and dealing with new applicants.

“Yes, the test assignment, and how applicants treat it, is definitely top of the list!” – That’s how Nina Richmond from QA responded to my question about their most frustrating challenges.

As an applicant you have to complete a qualifying test assignment. Once this is turned in, the stuff “hits the fan”. That is a mildly phrased description of the way things happen, from a QA staffer. (I’m trying to keep it family-friendly here, folks!) =)

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