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How to Be ProductiveSometimes, when you begin work on a freelance paper, it is tough to concentrate. You can’t get started; you feel a headache coming on, or simply feel like you are not up to writing at the moment. How can you circumvent these problems?

Here are a couple of ways to get you in the right psychological and physical state for research and writing.

You need to remember that any distractions can throw you off track when you are working on a custom paper. So, first of all, try to find a quiet room in which to work.

If you don’t have the option of writing in a quiet room, then the next best option is to use music to create a personal sound environment for yourself. Put on headphones, if you have them, and pick music that either relaxes or stimulates you. For me, the music which works is “trance” and occasionally some alternative rock. But if you like hard rock, hip-hop, classical, or jazz – then go ahead and tune that in.

Another useful tool is scent. The brain processes odors at a very primitive level, in the portion of the brain we share with reptiles. Scent can have a deep and powerful impact on mood. For many people, certain scents in the air help to prompt creative energy.

You can put some flowers or fresh fruit on the table, or use a drop (not too much) of essential oil on a light bulb. The scent of lavender is traditionally associated with calming, and lemon with stimulation, for example. These effects are subtle, unlike caffeine.

You can also try one of those automatic air fresheners. Pick a scent that you like and pay attention to how it affects your production. Keep in mind, however, that some of these use industrially produced chemicals to create their effect.

Sometimes before you start the work it can help to distract yourself. In this way, you when you start work, your brain will “reload”, by changing your focus of concentration. Try reading a book or a newspaper.

Browsing the web in search of something distinctly different will also help. Who knows, maybe you will even find something that is useful for your current paper.

You can repeat these “distraction sessions” every hour or two and they will help your brain to “re-boot”, and your body to relax.

If you have found other effective ways of getting into the right working mood, feel free to share them in the comment section to this article. I’m sure that your ideas will help other writers as well!

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